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John McAfee Is Seemingly Missing & Secret Data Time-Bomb Is Ticking

Francois Aure
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:38 PM
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John McAfee is apparently missing, and his self-destruct sequence is ticking. According to a slew of tweets, both Mr. and Mrs. McAfee are unaccounted for and may be detained by authorities at their latest port of call. Most interestingly, there is an alleged time bomb of secret information that McAfee has primed to go public if he is not able to make his next check-in.

The McAfees Are Missing

The author of these tweets is McAfee’s 2020 campaign manager, best known by his Twitter handle Loggiaonfire , who is demanding the immediate release of John and his wife. People are probably most concerned about Axel (John’s dog) who’s whereabouts at this time is not known.

Data Time-Bomb Unlikely But Theoretically Possible

This sequence of events is Twitter reality TV at its best, and no one would blame you if you wrote this off as a meaningless publicity stunt for McAfee 2020. Nonetheless, let’s consider the possibility that this is true. McAfee is supposedly a very gifted hacker, and it wouldn’t be surprising given his infamous levels of paranoia  that he would have a contingency plan should he face detainment again. The accumulation of damaging information would have been effortless over the last few decades , with internet security only being taken more seriously in recent years.

Another Day, Another John McAfee Countdown

As we discussed the last time John’s Twitter instigated a countdown, there is probably going to be a get-out clause at some point. However, unlike the Satoshi Nakamoto ultimatum, McAfee cannot make a smooth exit from this storyline. Being physically detained is another kettle of fish entirely.

Despite this, fans of the elusive tech guru still likely face disappointment. One key fact is missing, and that’s when McAfee’s next check-in is. It could be 10 minutes from now, or it could be 10 days. The smart money is probably going to be on John somehow making that checkpoint as a detainee.

Factually Doubtful, Undoubtedly Entertaining

Still, until this storyline resolves, this should be one of the more entertaining Twitter feeds in the crypto-verse. No matter how small, there is always the possibility this is true, and McAfee does have a self-destruct sequence on the verge of igniting. Who knows, but the exit from the storyline is often as entertaining as if events were real anyway.