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How John McAfee Crushed Craig Wright at His Own Game

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:35 PM
Greg Thomson
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:35 PM

By CCN.com: John McAfee fired back at self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright, claiming the Bitcoin “pretender” will soon be unmasked.

McAfee, who still intends to run for the U.S presidential office, rebuffed Wright’s earlier accusations of being a scam artist. The veteran programmer cast doubt on Craig Wright’s ability to effectively judge him and even made his own claims of being not Satoshi Nakamoto – but Craig Wright.

McAfee: Only I Can Judge Me

Writing in his personal blog earlier this week, Craig Wright assigned McAfee the nickname of “McScammer.” Wright took aim at cryptography, privacy, and anonymity in a rant now typical of the Bitcoin SV creator, writing:

“…those who are seeking an anonymous system are those who are seeking to act outside the law. It is people such as John McAfee, whose life has been an endless series of scams… it is people like John McAfee who run Ponzis and scams and the people with money who benefit most from your system without law.”

But John McAfee soon fired back in a sharp, succinct fashion. He sent out the following tweet, pouring cold water on Wright’s noise making.

John McAfee tweet
  John McAfee unleashes on Craig Wright. | Source: Twitter

Satoshi Bitcoin Pretender to Be Unmasked?

This isn’t the first time McAfee has claimed to be on the verge of ‘unmasking’ Satoshi Nakamoto. In April he claimed the very same only to renege on his promise days later. At the time, he said the big reveal would have interfered with his extradition request to the Bahamas, saying:

“The U.S. extradition request to the Bahamas is imminent. I met with Mario Gray, my extradition lawyer, and it is now clear…that releasing the identity of Satoshi at this time could influence the trial and risk my extradition. I cannot risk that. I’ll wait.”

In Wright’s ranting blog post, he pointed out McAfee’s history as a pumper and shiller of altcoins. Anyone following the U.S. presidential hopeful’s Twitter feed in recent years knows this to be a simple truth.

However, the cybersecurity veteran also offered the following explanation of why he promoted Nigerian scam coin Finacoin  in 2018, tweeting:


Craig Wright Goes Full Faketoshi and McAfee Goes Full Craig Wright

As for Wright, the Bitcoin SV frontman has yet to respond to McAfee’s retort. In the meantime, he has updated his blog to reflect the full gamut of his intellectual repertoire.

According to Wright’s website, not only is he Satoshi Nakamoto and the creator of Bitcoin, but he’s also a chief scientist, lawyer, banker, economist, coder, mathematician – and even a pastor.

That might make it tough for McAfee, who will have to match the impersonator’s many accomplishments. After all, McAfee now claims that he is Craig Wright and that we all must believe him without question.

John McAfee tweet
  McAfee is playing Craig Wright’s game. | Source: Twitter

Given that McAfee has offered no proof to back up his Craig Wright claims, his impersonation seems uncanny thus far.