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The Innovative Project “Synthestech” in the Field of Artificial Synthesis of Valuable Elements Is Launching ICO

Last Updated April 26, 2023 4:39 AM
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Last Updated April 26, 2023 4:39 AM
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Synthestech is a research center that develops technology for artificial synthesis of valuable chemical elements and precious metals using cheap raw materials. Such a technology can make it up for the deficiency of valuable elements and isotopes, which are used in the treatment of diseases, in microelectronics, industry and other fields.

Let’s take, for example, platinum. Platinum group metals have unique physical and chemical properties and are irreplaceable in such industries as medicine, oil refining, electronics and instrument engineering, etc., not taking into account the jewelry industry. In many branches there are no analogues to this precious metal, and this results in high prices. According to estimations, the world market of platinum metals is worth $ 14 billion, and the demand has been constantly growing over the past 5 decades.

Another example: selenium costs $ 38 per kilogram, and its isotope extracted from a natural mixture (selenium-74) costs $ 20,000 per gram, which makes it an especially valuable isotope.

Despite the growing demand, it is almost impossible to increase production – valuable elements are not widely distributed in nature. Traditional production technology has long been unable to keep up with the growing demand.

About Technology

For many years scientists and practitioners from all over the world have been looking for methods for producing valuable elements using artificial means. Currently, a method of turning one element into another is found. This is possible by using high-energy nuclear reactions, but the prime costs greatly outweigh the final cost.


Convinced that it is not yet possible to reduce the cost of nuclear fusion, the researchers redirected their attention to a relatively young scientific field – cold nuclear reactions. These are nuclear transformation reactions that occure at low temperatures and do not require large energy impacts. Over 3 decades, a huge research work has been carried out to study this phenomenon. The Synthestech team, using the already available research results of other scientists, and also using their own know-how in Cold Fusion technology, managed to achieve impressive results: production of platinum group metals using low-value metals. The test results were confirmed in three independent laboratories. In the matrix of the substance, after the reaction, platinum group metals such as platinum, iridium, ruthenium were detected.

To continue the research and transfer the phenomenon into technology and production, the project is launching ICO. For further research work, we need a laboratory complex with the most advanced equipment, as well as the organization of the production launch.

Resources, team and advisers

According to Forklog (an online crypto magazine), less than 5% of the projects launching ICOs have a finished product. Synthestech possesses a valuable know-how and a profound scientific base with a practically finished product, a strong team and a laboratory. Unlike in most ICO projects, the team is completely open to investors. You can contact managers either by phone or via social media networks. Synthestech has gathered around itself a large audience – more than 25 thousand participants in all social networks. The project’s news are published in scientific and business media.

The core staff of Synthestech team consists of several design engineers, a head of the project and a laboratory manager. Scientists from Russia and Switzerland (physicists and analytical chemists) are involved to carry out analysis of the obtained results. Vladislav Karabanov, head of the project, has been engaged in management of research and commercial projects for over 30 years. The Synthestech project advisors are scientists with world renowned names: Yuri Bazhutov, professor, PhD in physics and mathematics, has been engaged in research of low-energy reactions for over 30 years; Vladimir Krivitsky, PhD in geology and mineralogy, an outstanding Russian scientist, author of numerous scientific works. Information support for the project is provided by the back office: managers and PR specialists.

Investment attractiveness

The platinum market is currently estimated at US $ 14 billion. According to preliminary calculations, synthesis of platinum will cost 2-4 times cheaper than the traditional method of extraction. Further research will enable to obtain other valuable elements and isotopes. Therefore, analysts highly evaluate the project’s perspectives. Increase in the token price is predicted for the end of Crowdsale, late March 2018.

STT is a dividend token which enables an investor to make profit both speculating and trading STT tokens, as well as receiving dividends, the distribution of which is planned for the beginning of 2020. You can purchase the Synthestech tokens now, during ICO, at the price 1 STT = 1 USD.

Official resources and contacts

Further information and results of the Synthestech’s work, more details on ICO terms and the team members you can find on website, in social media networks and in White Paper of the project.

Project’s ICO  https://ico.synthestech.com/ 

White Paper https://synthestech.com/White_Paper_en.pdf 

Token Seal Details  https://synthestech.com/Tokensale_details_eng.pdf