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Hush, Neobank Of The Future, Will Offer Cryptocurrencies

Last Updated May 13, 2023 7:16 AM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated May 13, 2023 7:16 AM

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Neobanks (i.e., “mobile banking”) have expanded over the last 11 years in order to meet banking needs, especially in a digitized environment, for users seeking simplicity in banking services.

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Firstly, Hush  is proposing an offer through a new mobile banking experience that includes access to cryptocurrencies as part of a regulated, independent and user-centric organization for European users.

Secondly, we are in the situation in which the banks are blocking some transactions with cryptocurrency exchanges in order to prevent people from using their cryptocurrencies.


In order to develop these above services, Hush has created a blockchain for banking which will include cryptocurrencies. Also with this technology’s implementation, Hush will ensure its financial independence.

Then, Hush will allow users to find out simple uses of cryptocurrencies and will also be able to participate directly in the development of Hush’s services and its governance.

Furthermore, in offering several cryptocurrencies through its platform, the neobank will also educate the public and particularly the regulators concerning this emerging sector.

Foundation Token

The neobank has set up an ICO represented by its USH token, which will provide the foundation for its decentralized governance model.

Deloitte France, (well-known for its experience in digital transformation with financial institutions), has assisted Hush in developing its USH token. Deloitte, in collaboration with Bitconseil.fr, a cryptocurrency training organization, assisted Hush in defining the “value tokens” usage model at the heart of the neobank and to formalize an educational communication around this model.

How It Works

The Hush payment account is an ibanized account in euros having control and configuration of transfers and withdrawals.

The cryptocurrency wallet will allow users access to balances in blockchain assets and their equivalent in fiat currencies. The wallet will allow users to store cryptocurrencies and exchange them for euros. The user will be able to select the cryptocurrency of their choice when making transactions.

This feature, backed by a payment card, will foster the domestic use of cryptocurrencies.

To control the number of USH tokens in circulation and improve the USH token’s price, a verification mechanism will remove 5% of the received tokens for each service purchased with USH tokens.

Community Centric Approach

Hush will look to its community to expand its services and seek suggestions on features, interfaces and marketing ideas. Active users will be rewarded with USH.

An ambassador program will reward users for using USH, another feature that will distinguish Hush from other neobanks. USH token holders will be rewarded through a badge mechanism that designates levels of engagement.

Users of Hush services, such as KYC, payments and other services, will also be rewarded in USH for recommendations through a referral system and other marketing activities that will help grow the community.

Users will also be rewarded for their contributions to technical development through a bug bounty program.

Banking Services

Hush will also offer a banking experience similar in some ways to other neobanks, such as card activation and blocking, PIN code modification, management of caps and online access.

Hush will serve everyday uses with both basic and differentiating features for daily banking services, but also offer travel and project financing or contextualized use of services, guarantees and insurance.

ICO Ongoing

The Hush pre-ICO  will begin Feb. 11. A 20% bonus will be paid for registering to participate.

There will be a 10 million euro hardcap. There will be 60 million USH.

Once the ICO closes, Hush will apply for an authorization as a Payment Institution to operate its mobile banking offering.