Houston Rockets’ Clutch City Dancers Invite Lizzo to Join Them for a Dance

Many have criticized Lizzo for her thong-bearing dance during the Lakers game, and many have embraced it including Houston's Clutch City Dancers.
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December 12, 2019 7:48 PM UTC
  • Lizzo made some waves recently online when she decided to twerk on camera at a Lakers game and show off the thong she was wearing.
  • Many criticized her for doing so, saying it was inappropriate, and because of her weight.
  • But the body-positive celebrity has not let the critics get her done. She has since received an invite from the Rockets dance team to join them sometime.

While most of the world is aware of who Lizzo is, there are likely a few boomers out there that never change their radio stations. So, for those not in the know, she is a rather popular recording artist. How popular since you’ve never heard of her?

Popular enough to earn eight Grammy award nominations. TIME named her ‘Entertainer of the Year.’ So, yeah – she’s kind of a big deal.

But if you think that is why the Clutch City Dancers, the dancers for the NBA’s Houston Rockets, have extended her an invite—well, you are probably partially right. There is more to the story, though.

The Jumbotron at the Lakers Game

For those unfamiliar with her music, if you are an NBA fan, there is a chance you may have seen her if you caught the Lakers game on Sunday. Now that the Lakers are good again, sitting courtside at a Lakers game is the thing to do if you are famous like Lizzo is.

Lizzo happened to have courtside seats for Sunday’s Lakers game. During a break in the action, the arena played one of her songs over the loudspeaker. So, like any good musical celebrity, she got out of her chair and began to dance.

No big deal, right? Of course, not! But when she started to twerk and her thong and much of her posterior were exposed? It became a big deal (but not the only controversial thing seen on a Jumbotron in LA this season).

Some fans loved the moment and took it merely as the singer being herself. Others did not approve; some because of her outfit and others because of her weight. Those people are probably not aware that she posted some nudes to her Instagram account recently.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so surprised.

In response to the wave of criticism she received online, she posted a video to Instagram.

The Invitation and the Acceptance

While many criticized her for her dance moves/wardrobe, many supported her—including the Clutch City Dancers. So, they invited her to join them for a dance sometime:

The Rockets Clutch City Dancers are fans of Lizzo and asked the singer if she would join them for a dance sometime. | Twitter

Lizzo was, of course, happy to accept.

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