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Healthureum: Blockchain and Healthcare Combined Seamlessly, Token Pre-Sale Begins December 16th

Last Updated April 26, 2023 3:24 AM
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Last Updated April 26, 2023 3:24 AM
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18 December, 2017, Tallinn, Estonia – Blockchain-based, health-focused startup Healthureum  has announced its intention to tackle the expected health care expenditure, which is expected to rise between 2.4% and 7.5% by 2020 globally. The Estonia-based startup will be Making the utmost endeavours to contain and ideally reduce these expenses. Healthureum aims to reduce inefficiencies in operations, resources, data, drug sourcing, and technology.

An incentivized measure is starting to prove popular across the globe, particularly in Japan where the METI program rewards companies, which engage in health preventative care and productivity. For this issue, Healthureum’s blockchain based solution  offers a solution. Technology-driven healthcare will benefit all stakeholders and patients with improved access to expertise and services while reducing costs, resources, infrastructure and operational requirements in the process.

Forbes.com and CTO Malcolm Wilkinson confirmed that:

“In 2015, a record 112 million healthcare record data breaches occurred due to IT hacks. Now imagine how the use of an interoperable blockchain could mitigate this risk due to its cryptographic nature, bringing a new level of integrity to healthcare data management.”

Deloitte has identified telehealth, virtual reality, and immunotherapy among the top 10 innovations in healthcare to “achieve more for less”, with only one major struggle in the form of the technical ability to integrate and share data between systems effectively.


Healthureum’s Mission

Healthureum’s blockchain-based resolution  is a dynamic and multi-functional ecosystem designed to bring innovative Healthcare services, transforming the way we manage our healthcare. Healthureum guarantees its users access to Physicians, Specialists, quality medical infrastructure and the opportunity to access first of its kind innovative treatments, including philanthropic sponsorship programs.

Healthureum LPC Danuta Kowalska stated that:

“Through blockchain, we can achieve decentralized healthcare, closing the gap between services: through transparency, security and most importantly accountability.”

Blockchain and smart contract technology integration will bring the S3, standardization, scalability and social responsibility.

This will allow token holders world-class infrastructure such as data transparency (patients will have full consolidation of their data accessible at any time), along with real-time, historic medical data, in an instant. This will enable the secure sharing of patients medical data between patients and healthcare stakeholders, with permission layers. Patients will be able to receive video consultations for faster diagnosis from a certified consultant, with a quick and safe payment system. This leaves us with a well-trusted ecosystem which promotes patient data integrity and privacy.

Healthureum’s platform  is designed on the Ethereum based blockchain using smart contract technology to significantly improve efficiency and interoperability of healthcare services. The Healthureum token (HTH), which is at the very core of Healthureum’s project, will be used as the transactional medium of choice. HTH will act not only as a payment option within the Healthureum network, it will compensate medical practitioners who offer referrals and second opinions. Patients can also be rewarded for sharing their medical data for research programs within the Healthureum clinics and laboratories, while masking their personal identity.

Healthureum  is honoured to welcome Mr. Malcolm Wilkinson, data scientist and CTO for Healthureum. His extensive background in big data, and more recently in data science and python will prove valuable in implementing the framework for data systemization which is at the core of the Healthureum initiative.

Healthureum CTO and data scientist Mr Malcolm Wilkinson stated that:

“By adopting a decentralized approach to data management, we eliminate human errors, third-party influence, the risk of tampering and manipulation. Thus, we can achieve a more robust means for storing and sharing data securely”

There is an abundance of knowledge and experience in healthcare, technology, finance, data science and international business lines, among the Healthureum team, which will act as the heart and brain behind this innovative project.

TGE Token Pre-Sale & TGE Sale

With the start of the token presale beginning on December 16th and will draw to a close on the 30th December, the Main sale beginning 10th January 2018 and closing on the 13th February 2018.  Healthureum is offering a spectacular early token appreciation scheme:

TGE Pre-Sale Bonus:

No. of Tokens Available 4.4 million HTH

Day 1 – 45%
Week 1 – 35%
Week 2 – 25%

TGE Sale Bonus :

No. of Tokens Available 28.3 million HTH

Day 1 – 22%
Week 1 – 17%
Week 2 -12%
Week 3 – 7%
Week 4 – 2%
Week 5 – 0%

How to take part:

  1. Sign Up on www.healthureum.io 
  2. Read our Participation Guide on your dashboard.
  3. Purchase using BTC/ETH/ECH.
  4. Make payment to the wallet address provided to complete transaction.
  5. You will receive a purchase confirmation on your email.
  6. Your HTH tokens will be issued once the TGE has ended.
  7. You can trade your tokens on an exchange or hold them for potential future growth


Heathureum’s HTH token is an ERC20 Token with a TGE soft cap of $15 million and a total supply of 150 million tokens. Healthureum is best suited for TGE model as the project is so vast and large in scale, that it will be executed in stages, according to the milestones set out in the roadmap. By contributing to the project backers are enabling Healthurem to revolutionize the healthcare industry with the power of blockchain and smart contract technology, providing multifarious healthcare solutions to patients and healthcare stakeholders, with an emphasis on bringing widespread transparency and efficiency.

Learn more about Healthureum here: www.healthureum.io 
Read the whitepaper: http://www.healthureum.io/app/Healthureum-White-Paper.pdf 
Healthureum on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-FllECcNFI1zLj9jOatuxw?view_as=subscriber 
Join Healthureum on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Healthureum/ 
Follow Healthureum on twitter: twitter.com/healthureum 
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/healthureum/ 

Media Contact Info

Contact Name: Danuta Kowalska
Email: [email protected] 
Location: Tallin City, Harju County- 10111

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