Half-Life’s G-Man Resurfaces to Wish You a Creepy New Year

Half-Life’s enigmatic G-Man has resurfaced on Twitter to wish eager fans of the coming VR sequel, Alyx, a creepy New Year’s message.

half-life g-man happy new year

G-Man is back, and he wants to wish you a very creepy new year. | Source: Valve/YouTube

  • Voice actor Mike Shapiro unveiled a Half-Life G-Man video wishing fans a creepy New Year.
  • G-Man has not made an appearance in over 12 years thanks to the delay between Half-Life sequels.
  • It’s unlikely that his identity will be revealed in Half-Life: Alyx, but the prospect is intriguing.

It’s been more than 12 years since the enigmatic G-Man last haunted the Half-Life franchise. But on the cusp of Valve’s most anticipated sequel, the sinister interdimensional bureaucrat resurfaced on Twitter just in time to wish you one of the creepiest New Year’s messages around.

Rekindling Old Acquaintances

Mike Shapiro, the voice actor behind G-Man, really hit the nail on the timing head with this one. There are only a few hours to go until 2020, and it’s quite clear that old acquaintances should not be forgot.

Ringing in the new year is a centuries-old tradition, but for eager fans of Half-Life: Alyx, March 2020 can’t come soon enough. G-Man lives long in Half-Life folklore, epitomized by his corporate peeping Tom demeanor.

Half-Life Alyx
No indication of G-Man in Half-Life: Alyx …yet | Source: Steam

He does, after all, regularly need to check in on his client’s most valuable investment. For the sake of Auld Lang Syne, let’s hope the new year will reunite us with a dear old acquaintance.

Will Half-Life: Alyx Reveal the Identity of G-Man?

Unlikely. G-Man’s appeal comes almost exclusively from the mystery and speculation surrounding his origin. And that is a cash cow for game writers the world over. As one Redditor points out:

Man, I’ve been hanging out for some new G-Man dialogue for over a decade: That video really hit the G-spot.

Personally, I’d love to see a lot more detail of his involvement behind the scenes. There’s nothing worse than watching a series go round in circles trying to extend its sell-by date.

But if that doesn’t work, you could always turn to other hilarious and well-constructed arguments for who he really is:

Last time I checked, Alyx was nowhere near ready with its VR implementations. Let’s hope Valve plays their cards right in the next four months to change that perception.

And remember, Half-Life fans: Do prepare for consequences!

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:27 PM
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