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GTA 6 Rumors: Is Shocking Timeline Claim Actually Just a Troll?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:49 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:49 PM
  • Grand Theft Auto fans have been clamoring for information about the next game in the popular sandbox series.
  • While a recent report made it seem like GTA 6 was in early development, a credible leak suggests it’s further along than we thought.
  • Rockstar might be trying to keep the development of the game under wraps.

The internet is going insane about Grand Theft Auto 6. Ever since the release of GTA 5 nearly seven years ago, gamers have been searching for any scraps of info they can get their hands on about the sequel. Despite this, Rockstar has remained pretty tight-lipped about the whole affair.

This week, a Kotaku report revealed that GTA 6 was stuck in “early development”  – much to the chagrin of gamers on Twitter. But a well-known leaker with a trustworthy track record aims to debunk those claims.

The pseudonymous Tez2 claims the game is “halfway done” or maybe “even beyond that.”

GTA IV - Tez2 leaks
Source: Twitter 

If GTA 6 Is So Far Along, Why Didn’t We Hear About It?

Rockstar seems to be doing its best to keep a tight lid on GTA 6, though with a game this big, it’s tough to keep news like this under wraps. The fact that we’re hearing about it at all is a testament to that fact.

All “leaks” deserve scrutiny, but Tez2 has been a fairly reliable leaker of Rockstar-related news . Here’s what they say about the claim that GTA 6 is “early in development”:

Next title, a new GTA title is in “early stages of development”? It’s hard to believe that when I’m hearing it’s “halfway done” or even beyond that.

Take note that RDR2 took approximately 8 or 7 years worth of development, main production started right after RDR1 release & recording sessions began in 2013

Expect the same with the next title, unless it’s “early” as in we are nowhere near release which is more believable.

The question is, why would they want us to think GTA 6 is earlier in its development cycle than it really is?

All the Secrecy Makes a Lot of Sense

There’s a certain amount of speculation going on that GTA Online might be behind the secrecy  about the true state of the sequel’s development.

After all, if GTA 6 was revealed now, it might hurt the sales of in-game items in GTA Online. What’s the point in sinking money into a game which is going to be superseded soon?

Besides, if Sony’s PlayStation 5 strategy has proven anything, it’s that keeping your fans hungry for news tends to generate a lot more buzz than transparency.

On the plus side, at least it seems like the culture over at Rockstar has taken a dramatic shift in a positive direction . So at least while they’re working on GTA 6, employees should hopefully be a lot happier than they were while working on Red Dead Redemption 2.

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