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Game of Thrones Star Jerome Flynn Outs Self as Master of VeganCoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:33 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:33 PM

By CCN.com: Ser Bronn is a very different person in real life than he is in Game of Thrones. Played by actor Jerome Flynn, Bronn ended the series as part of incoming King Bran the Broken’s council, in charge of the Iron Bank as Master of Coin. One of his first proposals is to fund the reconstruction of brothels.

Not wanting to relinquish that title now that the final credits have rolled, Flynn has struck a new deal to become another sort of Master of Coin – VeganCoin, that is, the cryptocurrency for which the vegan industry has desperately been waiting.

Is Game of Thrones Star a Paid Cryptocurrency Promoter?

Game of Thrones, bronn, jerome flynn
Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn wants you to use cryptocurrency – vegan cryptocurrency, that is. | Source: HBO via AP

The celebrity endorsement brings to mind the case of DJ Khaled and Mike Tyson, who each caught regulatory scrutiny from the federal government for failing to disclose they’d been paid to promote a now-defunct crypto project.

Flynn has been a vegetarian for over three decades and converted to veganism while working on Game of Thrones, five years ago. He regularly tweets  support for vegan-centric causes, such as ending factory farming and promoting sustainable living.

The actor hasn’t tweeted about VeganCoin, a project of VeganNation whose advisory board he recently joined . But he did say in a press release:

“Vegan Nation is the basis of an international vegan economy that makes vegan lives simpler, more economical, and better for the Earth and the soul of each of us. VeganCoin will allow many more to become vegans and thereby contribute to the reduction of our ecological footprint.”

The cryptocurrency token is part of an ecosystem that VeganNation is building. Based in the UK and Israel, the company already sells vegan-friendly products through its website. VeganCoin has raised almost $10 million of their $60 million target in the ICO that’s been running a while now , and describes themselves as such:

“Our blockchain-based ecosystem incorporates these values in an effort to empower those who truly live by them. A cruelty-free one-stop-shop brings Consumers, business owners and even corporates together, all using one cryptocurrency, making it easier, cheaper and safer to trade.”

Vendors of “cruelty-free” products will be able to use the VeganNation marketplace if they’re willing to accept VCN.

VeganCoin Worth 50 Cents During ICO

The token is not listed on any cryptocurrency exchanges yet, as its ICO is ongoing. The base rate for ICO VCN tokens is 50 cents, with slight discounts if you buy more.

vegancoin cryptocurrency ICO
VeganCoin is selling for 50 cents a token during ICO. Will it retain that value after its $60 million raise? | Source: VeganNation.io 

It’s unclear why the marketplace wants to use its own symbol instead of integrating stablecoins and base tokens, but the intent seems to be to capitalize on the growing movement of veganism. Vegan options recently became available in major fast food chains like McDonald’s and KFC.

One real-world use case for VeganCoin is that it will underpin a universal marketplace for vegan goods. Many vegans abide by strict rules. Animals must not be subjugated in the production of products, even shoes. Therefore, vegans spend more on a given product and have difficulty finding the goods they’re looking for.

The transparency of the blockchain enables vegans to know a lot more about their products than traditional supply-chain models, although VeganCoin only intends to play the role of a medium of exchange.

“Give vegans a bigger voice in the global economy. With Vegan Coin you’ll strengthen an ecosystem that empowers vegan consumers and businesses.”

Whether you love it or hate it, veganism is growing. Getting their own blockchain-based cryptocurrency was only a matter of time.