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GameCredits Revolutionizes Gaming Industry

Last Updated May 3, 2023 5:52 AM
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Last Updated May 3, 2023 5:52 AM

GameCredits is revolutionizing the in-game currency industry. Thanks to the startups’ advanced API, in-game transactions take place instantly through a secure online wallet platform. Thanks to GameCredits, developers and gamers now have a seamless method of transacting value through gaming platforms.

The secure platform has already launched a formidable game, Turbocharged (Multiplayer Racing Game), and the GMC team has a series of games in different stages of development,such as Ring 13: Curse of Nakamoto (Multiplayer Fighting Game) & EON: The Omega Event (Multiplayer 4X Space Game). Their website is available in English, German and Dutch.

GameCredits  also functions as a tradable commodity with the company’s Web Wallet  or personal desktop client. GameCredits is based on the Bitcoin core code. However, it uses scrypt algorithms for its mining – similar to Litecoin – and a 90 second block time for faster transactions.

This means you can transfer local currencies or Bitcoin into GameCredits. The GameCredits tech team monitors the stability of the currency and customer support is available to field all inquiries. The user friendly platform lets you send GameCredits to your gamer friends and pay securely for gaming goods and services throughout the world.



The GameCredits team wants their gaming solution to become the world’s first option for gaming developers who wish to monetize their games. The platform is designed to easily integrate with any gaming system.

GameCredits is a novel force in a developing market that needs a secure way to transfer value. Current in-game currencies are limited in their usefulness. GameCredits, on the other hand, offer an exclusive online Multi-Currency Platform. Players will be able to place live wagers in a secure fashion.

“Like the name says, GameCredits is all about providing excellent in-game monetization options and swift transfer of real value between the games and their developers,” Silvio Guček, Project manager in charge of Game development and Coin implementation, told CCN. “No more waiting for monthly check-outs or withdrawals from a monetization platform. When games payout with GameCredits, the developers are instantly credited. With that kind of flexibility, we wanted to introduce GameCredits to the world using the simplest means possible – games themselves.” GameCredits learned from similar technology experimented with heretofore.

“GameCredits is unique in this space in that it takes advantage of the best aspects of current models, leaving behind dependencies that stifle the competition,” Victor Alejandro, Project Manager and & PR Coordinator at GameCredits, told CCN.

“Essentially, the GMC Web Wallet works on an API system that calls the Launcher from within the game, allowing near-instant transfers for in-game purchases,” Alejandro told CCN. “This system is designed to be plugged into any game, by any future developer that wishes to integrate GMC within their gaming titles.” How does GameCredits work?


“At root, our current wallet works in the same manner as Bitcoin Core from a user standpoint,” Alejandro told CCN. “Additionally, our upgraded Launcher and Web Wallet Platform is currently being developed using a python web framework, which boasts many built in security features, increasing the overall security of the system while providing fast and seamless transfers.” The startup hopes in the future the personal wallet will integrate with the overall gaming system.

GMC offers unmatched flexibility across its platform. The novel crypto-currency already has real-world utility thanks to the games which GameCredits developed. The startup believes GMC could one day be used for trading goods and services outside of video games.

The game TurboCharged was used as a testing platform for GMC transactions and interaction. “Our server infrastructure remained solid, there were no service outages and the foundations held strong.”

TurboCharged, a fast-paced full throttle racing, is addictive and easy to play, though difficult to master. You race real players, not computers. The game is free to play with a familiar graphics style. There are also numerous betting options that reward the racing-savvy petrolheads with some real value currency.

GameCredits has certified security practitioners (CompTIA CASP) working to ensure the experience is seamless and intuitive. It also offers a useful forum  as well as a BitcoinTalk  forum. The company balances various aspects of software programming.

“Reasonable measures have been taken to properly mitigate attack vectors, while maintaining balance between Confidentiality, Integrity, Accessibility, and of course ease of use,” Alejandro told CCN. “Our Team strives to ensure that our online platform is a reliable place for users to manage their transactions and transfer GMC seamlessly from one game to another.”

GameCredits are traded at several exchanges. Poloniex  has become an excited supporter of the GameCredits project. Game Credits are also traded on Cryptsy Cryptopia , and Bittrex . This new cryptocurrency is growing, having already reached a market cap of more than $1 million.

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