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Fortnite YouTuber Formula Tells Fans to ‘Sell Their Beds’ to Go Pro, Sees Backlash

Fortnite YouTuber Formula causes controversy by suggesting that aspiring gaming streamers should sell their beds to buy professional equipment. One follower of the YouTuber, who has more than 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, called it “some of the worst advice” posted on Twitter.

On Twitter, Formula gave followers his suggestions for saving money to buy more powerful gaming equipment used for game streaming. “Sell your bed” and buy a $10 air mattress, suggested the Fortnite YouTuber, “only eat $1 ramen,” stop buying Fortnite skins, and “buy the cheapest setup and keep saving for upgrades.” In a second tweet, Formula said that while people could get a job to fund this, “you’re giving up time creating content/streaming which could hold you back”.

In a now-deleted tweet, he stated:

[Y]es you can obviously get a job if you want to, but then you’re giving up time creating content/streaming which could hold you back.

Jobs Can ‘Hold You Back’ from Creating Gaming Videos, Says YouTuber Formula

Formula’s followers were quick to slam the tweet, with many users asking how anyone could pay for this without getting a job. “What about set bills” such as phone, Internet, and insurance asked user Ian Dunn, while another user, who said that they had been made homeless at 17, said that heat, water, and health are all more important than making content.

The backlash to Formula’s tweet was so strong that the Fortnite YouTuber has now deleted it, leaving only his second tweet up. He also published a video explaining that the tweet was about “budgeting” and “some ways that you can save money” and not a full financial plan for becoming a successful YouTuber. Many seemed to accept Formula’s explanation and said that his suggestions were good.

In a month where a professional gamer got caught saying the n-word in a stream before deleting the evidence, Formula’s tweet seems only mildly controversial. However, it does show that when it comes to making and saving money as a gaming streaming or YouTuber, not tweeting something that’s going to upset all of your fans should probably be higher on the list than selling your bed for an air mattress.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:01 PM

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