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Football World Cup KIRIK Betting Prize

Last Updated May 3, 2023 5:20 AM
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Last Updated May 3, 2023 5:20 AM
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Bitcoin Press Release: Kirik  is a meta-protocol that connects blockchains seamlessly. Many members of Kirik’s team are avid football fans. To celebrate the  2018 FIFA World Cup, they’re giving away cash-value bonuses to their community. Participants stand to win free KRK tokens without making a purchase – and the contest rules are explained below.

July 2nd, 2018. Singapore.  With the group stage over and the round of 16 underway, the FIFA World Cup is heating up. Hundreds of millions of fans are watching each game with bated breath, rooting for their favorite team. And one thing that’s known to make games even more fun is a friendly bet – which is what Kirik is inviting users to make in their new contest.

By proceeding to this link  and following a few simple steps users can make a free “bet” on the outcome of any World Cup game. If you guess right, you win 100 KRK tokens free of charge. That’s nice in and of itself, because you can win up to 1600 free KRKs if you predict the outcome of each remaining game correctly. But that’s not all. There’s a way to 10x your winnings for free, too.

That’s right. In addition to giving away free tokens, Kirik’s team will multiply all your winnings by 1,000% if you refer 10 people or deposit $1,000+ during their token sale. That’s up to 16,000 KRKs per user; an attractive incentive to take take part in the contest.

In true Football spirit, the project is committed to fair play. To eliminate cheating, all contest participants must get whitelisted – so if you haven’t gone through the verification process yet, do so here . Then proceed to this link  in order to sign up to the contest and win hundreds (or thousands) of KRKs. And, above all, enjoy the World Cup and have fun!

About Kirik


Kirik  is a meta-protocol that connects blockchains and legacy networks. The project’s ambition is to help create a World-Wide-Blockchain that makes crypto easy and convenient to use. Kirik’s minimum viable product already serves millions of people, and can potentially help billions more.

Visit the website: https://kirik.io/ 
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Meet the Team: https://kirik.io/team/ 
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