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FAXPORT – Sports Business Service and Funding Platform!

Last Updated May 13, 2023 3:37 AM
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Last Updated May 13, 2023 3:37 AM
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Faxport  is a sports business service platform based on the blockchain, specifically Ethereum. Our main aim is to establish a reliable and innovative sports service environment built on trust, encouragement, and convenience at a relatively low cost. Faxport utilizes the blockchain system to take advantage of its decentralization, inability to be altered, secure encryption, and freedom from any central trust entity, allowing the company to focus on its core business: a sports investment platform, crowdfunding site, sports business database, recruitment platform, and most of all, professional social network.

Faxport has 4.9/5 rating given by independent experts of ICObench, this is the highest score in sports segment in all ICOBench project!

Sports Crowdfunding: Even giant companies with more established systems grew from small projects. With effort and a bit of capital, they were able to grow into huge entities. Faxport has taken this fact into consideration and created a platform to connect investors with project parties. As a result, FAX GO sports crowdfunding was founded to foresee the financing of great ideas.

Business Database: Although the sports industry commands a huge global scale, data is hard to obtain, including the number of sports companies and employees, investments, and financing histories. Faxport acts as a huge database collected through multiple channels. Users can easily access information, including corporations’ registered capital, financial information, original teams, corporate reports, and any other related news articles. They can also utilize the source data to upload, edit, and produce analytical charts. The platform is furthermore extremely useful and friendly for users who want to engage in the sports industry, such as investors, professionals, and job seekers. Simplifying the steps required for user searches adds to the quality guarantee and veracity of the data, thus raising search efficiency.

Social Networking: Faxport has created an established sports commercial environment for effective social networking. Every user is given a credit score calculated from the user’s data, transaction grading, veracity, and FX transaction volume. This calculation serves as a guarantee of trust and security between two parties and a way to filter out less desirable participants. When security becomes a priority, users become active in social networking.


Talent Recruitment: Finding skilled personnel is an expensive task for any corporations. Some organizations go to the extent of hiring an intermediary, who ends up charging extremely high commissions. However, with blockchain technology, intermediaries can be eliminated, as the recruitment process depends on the trust that exists between the two parties concerned. Faxport applies the same concept: Job seekers can go through vast amounts of data, including that related to the capital, team, and projects, before making a final decision. Interestingly, this data is unalterable and, once added to the system, permanent.

Faxport simply opens up the global sports talent recruitment market to connect individuals with corporations using detailed information to fulfill the recruitment needs. This setup helps corporations find the right talent for the job.

Commercial Collaboration: Looking at the wider business sphere, mutually beneficial relationships between companies are in high demand. As the leading sports commerce platform, Faxport ensures that users’ transactions are saved within the blockchain, which is secure. With transactions, businesses can analyze situations in detail and make informed decisions that lead to mutually beneficial relationships. As a result, businesses can cut on communication costs and make data-based partnership decisions.

Faxport as a Sports Version Platform

As the sports arena continues to grow at an accelerating rate, factors such as trust, communication, and price are likely to be key determinants of how the sports system works. Currently, the lack of trust among employees, sportsmen, and management has led to numerous problems, and most of the parties involved have opted to distance themselves from the sports environment. Similarly, an effective global networking platform to keep sportsmen in contact with the global sports industry is lacking.

Faxport  aims to rebuild a sports version of Kickstarter and utilize its naturally decentralized and secure technology to increase security and trust levels between those engaged in the global sports ecosystem. Faxport has also created a LinkedIn profile for the sports industry field. The incorporation of blockchain technology into the system is a guarantee of trust and security in the sports industry, especially in the networking and recruiting sectors. Faxport aims to make the operations efficient and create a networking platform for talent in the global sports industry.

Faxport also aims to create a sports service platform based on trust, which will help create a trustworthy brand that can add value to the sports industry. Growth means crossing regional barriers and endeavoring to connect participants from across the world, which will indeed promote the brand globally.

For investors who wish to invest in Faxport, the platform is incredibly friendly. It aims to provide financing, incubation, and acceleration to different ideas. Investors can fund any sports program they want using cryptocurrency. It speeds up the process of linking stakeholders in the international sports arena with global sports commerce.

For participants, it’s easy to verify credentials through the Faxport platform and identify any other party who wishes to engage in any form of transactions. This is a clear way to display the efficiency, transparency, and security of transactions. As a result, users of the platform get to enjoy reduced costs for effective resource allocation.

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