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Expert Advice For Men: Don’t Mention Bitcoin On The First Date

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM

logoThey say women like ambitious men. But men, be advised. Bitcoin is still seen as nerdy more than a sign of ambition. Take it from an expert on relationships who also loves bitcoin.

Dr. Jochen Konrad, a dating and relationship specialist well known in Germany, advises men to avoid mentioning bitcoin on a first date. Especially when the woman is not technically inclined.

“I think bitcoin should not be discussed by guys because that doesn’t really stimulate the imagination of women or deliver any emotional cues,” Dr. Konrad said. “I would only recommend even talking about it when she already shows an interest in technical topics or asks how the hell he just paid for coffee.”

Take it from an expert

Take it from a man of the world. Dr. Konrad has a reputation for his knowledge of relationships for both men and women. He also has a passion for cigars and bitcoin.

Currently a resident of Japan, Dr. Konrad is famous for speaking his mind on dating etiquette. His frankness has often made him a controversial figure back home in Europe, where he occasionally receives threats.

Bitcoin continues to grow, but the mainstream population remains unfamiliar with it. Hence, the topic is usually discussed among those who are involved with it. A problem for many working in the bitcoin community is they have a tendency to talk about it since the topic excites them. But sharing your enthusiasm for bitcoin in a romantic situation can be as effective as bringing out your pet tarantula, according to Dr. Konrad.

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He speaks from personal experience

Dr. Konrad says he is a bitcoin fan himself and has been accepting it as payment for his books on his website for several months. He just doesn’t mention this when he’s on a first date. He says his love of cigars has led to more romantic encounters than bitcoin so far. Only with the right kind of girl, awesome skills (and a few hundred bitcoins in your wallet) will that move in bitcoin’s favor someday, he says.

Dr. Konrad is planning to merge his passions for romance, cigars and bitcoin on an upcoming tour of the U.S. (www.datedoctorontour.com) Attendees will have to two options for receiving his advice: buy him a cigar, or pay him the equivalent amount in bitcoin.