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Ethereum Sweepstakes Delivers the Best Odds Ever to Win 1.5 M ETH

Last Updated May 13, 2023 2:56 AM
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Last Updated May 13, 2023 2:56 AM

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Blockchain technology has ushered in a new era for sweepstakes. Ethereum Sweepstakes(SWEEP), the first blockchain sweepstakes, promises the chance to win 1.5 million ETH. Current market value of the Jackpot is over $600M dollars and if the price of Ethereum rebounds to at least $665 dollars, it will be a Billion Dollar Jackpot.  Keep in mind this is a Sweepstakes and not a lottery, so winners are guaranteed and someone that plays will win.

The key to SWEEP is its smart contract. SWEEP’s verified smart contract incorporates blockchain technology offering fair play with 100% transparency, guaranteed winners, guaranteed prize amounts and no scams.  The smart contract even picks the winners randomly on its own.

It also doesn’t hurt that the SWEEP offers the best lottery odds ever; with odds of winning the jackpot at 1 in 4 million and 1 in 36 to win a prize based on all prizes available. There is no comparison in comparing odds of Power Ball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions and a host of other major lotteries.

A Closer look at SWEEP

Like the blockchain and the concept of the smart contract, SWEEP is not about the people behind it, but the people who use it and their fully transparent freedom to win. All SWEEP operations are recorded on the blockchain and publicly available.  Ethereum sent into the contract are kept in the contract, ensuring prize money is only available to winners and no one else.


There are 4 million SWEEP tokens available for sale, and upon the sale of the last of the tokens, the smart contract will randomly select winners based on purchasing SWEEP token wallet addresses. Ethereum prizes will automatically be transferred to the winning wallets.  SWEEP Tokens issued do not currently offer any additional value. However, SWEEP Tokens issued during this sweepstakes may be utilized in future blockchain projects in the works.

Participating in SWEEP is easy with two available options.

Option 1 –  Send 1 Ether to the SWEEP smart contract address.  You will automatically receive your SWEEP token and you are ready to win.

Option 2 – Send 0.1 Ether to the SWEEP address and receive 10% of an assigned Entered wallet address.  This option gets you in the game for 10% cost of an Ether. If your wallet address wins, you take 10% of the jackpot.  Same odds of 1 in 4 million to win the jackpot. Currently, 0.1 Ether with a current value of $40 dollars, could potentially win you $60M dollars’ worth of Ethereum.


SWEEP gives you the chance to potentially win the biggest jackpot ever.  Jackpot at time of draw may be valued well over a billion dollars. Odds of winning the Jackpot is 1 in 4 million.   That’s 7,000 times better odds of winning the USA Powerball that pays less. In total 1 in 36 odds of winning based on scheduled 111,111 total prizes.

You can participate for as little as 0.1 Ether for your chance to win.  For full prize listing, rules and entry information, visit https://ethereumsweepstakes.io .