Epic has some really cool projects in the works. | Source: ilikeyellow/Shutterstock.com

Epic Announcement Has Huge Implications for PS5 & Xbox Series X Cross-Play

  • Fortnite developer Epic Games makes its Epic Online Services SDK free to all game developers.
  • Epic Online Services can be used to create cross-play and cross-progression features in games.
  • It could allow the PS5 and Xbox Series X to go big on cross-play and cross-generation gaming.

Epic Games just announced that its Epic Online Services SDK is now free to all game developers. The Fortnite developer made several major announcements today, also revealing PS5 gameplay in an Unreal Engine 5 tech demo.

Epic Announces Cross-Play Capabilities

The official Epic Online Services site explains that it supports a range of multiplayer and community features.

From player identity and friends, cross-play, and achievements, these services empower you to create the best experiences for players with complete freedom of engine, store, and platform integration choice

The SDK is supported on “every major platform and account system,” allowing developers to offer cross-play across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. The game doesn’t need to use the Epic Games Store or Unreal Engine, says Epic Games. But this expression of generosity could well get developers to use Epic’s other products.

Epic also announced that it would no longer take royalties on games developed with Unreal Engine 4, up to $1 million. This may be another part of their generosity plan.

The Possibilities PS5 & Xbox Series X Cross-Play Are Tantalizing

The Epic Online Services announcement could allow PS5 and Xbox Series X game developers to go big on cross-play. The new consoles are expected to have cross-generation games, which are also available on PS4 and Xbox One, for some time. This is part of Microsoft’s confirmed Xbox Series X exclusives plan.

Epic Games itself has confirmed plans to make Fortnite a PS5 and Xbox Series X launch title. It will be using its Epic Online Services to support cross-play and cross-progression in the game. It’s time to get excited.