video tesla model 3 explodes twice
This shocking video shows a Tesla Model 3 burst into flames – TWICE – after a Moscow crash. That won’t help Tesla’s “explosive” reputation. | Source: AP Photo / Jae C. Hong

Tesla CEO Elon Musk casually dropped a mesmerizing announcement on Twitter over the weekend, teasing that the electric vehicle manufacturer’s “magic” pickup truck could be unveiled within the next quarter.

There’s been a deluge of hype behind Tesla’s truck after Musk previously mentioned that the vehicle would have the look of a “futuristic-like cyberpunk ‘Blade Runner’ pickup truck.”

It also helps that the release of Ford’s all-electric F-150 is nowhere in sight – and could be left sweeping up Tesla’s sloppy seconds.

Tesla’s All-Electric Pickup Truck Offers a Balance of Design and Features

Despite being electric and having a futuristic appeal, Musk reiterates that the vehicle will still resemble the look of a classic pickup truck.

Design is important because Americans love their pickups.

The Detroit Free Press revealed that in 2018, a Ford F-150 or a Super Duty was purchased every 29.3 seconds on average. In that year, nearly 1.1 million trucks were sold. These figures tell us that Tesla is looking to disrupt a sector dominated by Ford. Thus, beating the 116-year-old automaker to market will likely give Telsa a solid head start.

In addition to design, Tesla also hinted that the trucks would offer superior performance to the F-150. The all-electric vehicle is expected to have a range of up to 500 miles per charge and the capacity to tow up to 300,000 pounds. It also comes with a dual motor AWD along with a 240-volt connection for tools.

‘Netflix and Chill’ in a Tesla for Less Than $50,000

While these features are things that one can expect from a truck, Musk also teased that Tesla’s pickup will allow owners to watch Netflix and stream YouTube videos. On Twitter, the Tesla CEO quipped that the truck:

“Has an amazingly immersive, cinematic feel due to the comfy seats & surround sound audio.”

This functionality gives the pop culture phrase “Netflix and chill” a whole new definition.

For now, video streaming features will be restricted to when the truck is not moving. However, this can change in the future “when full self-driving is approved by regulators.”

And here’s the kicker: The price of Tesla’s pickup truck will start at just $49,000.

This means that the electric vehicle will compete favorably against its gasoline-and-diesel-fueled rivals that sell anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000.

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