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Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck is the Purest Xbox Halo Warthog Rip-Off Yet

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:18 PM
Cody Luongo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:18 PM
  • Since hitting the stage on November 21, the Cybertruck has amassed an ocean of attention across the internet.
  • The gaming community has clutched onto Tesla’s latest product as a vehicle for hilarious internet creations.
  • To the satisfaction of many, Musk confirmed on Twitter the Cybertruck was in fact inspired by Halo’s Warthog.

After days of the gaming community clutching onto Tesla’s Cybertruck and its resemblance to archaic video game graphics, truth be told, the vehicle was actually inspired by Halo’s Warthog.

Elon Musk chimed into a Twitter thread  with Swedish YouTube icon PewDiePie and the Official Halo account claiming the Cybertruck was “inspired by games like Halo.” Although not a perfect parallel between them, putting the two vehicles side-by-side makes for a fairly easy connection. Microsoft and Halo have both jumped on the opportunity, requesting Musk adds an optional ‘Gauss Cannon’ , an iconic attachment to the Warthog in Halo.

Elon Musk’s tweet confirms what gamers have been raving over since the Cybertruck’s debut | Source: Twitter 

Since unveiling the Cybertruck on November 21, gamers across the internet have produced a bounty of memes and comparisons to its low poly-look. Although, those sizing up the Cybertruck with the Warthog has stood out in particular. Halo is a nearly two-decade veteran of gaming franchises and one of the most easily identifiable. Blending our childhood fantasies of driving a Warthog down local freeways with the actuality of Tesla’s Cybertruck has been a recipe for marketing success.

As with all of Tesla’s products, no expenses are put towards paid marketing or endorsements. Instead, Musk agreed that memes are in fact the best form of free promotion . And hell, he might be onto something.

The fun doesn’t stop with Halo, either. The Cybertruck has seen photoshopped cameos and juxtapositions with Nintendo 64 games, Pokémon and Cyberpunk 2077, with more surely to come. Perhaps the crudest and hysterical though, is the Cybertruck’s comparison to Tomb Raider. In a Twitter post, one user suggested the vehicle’s likeness to that of Lara Croft’s blocky breasts.

Perhaps most hilariously, the Cybertruck was compared to Lara Croft’s breasts. | Source: Twitter 

Stroke of genius

It’s safe to say gamers have had their fun with the Cybertruck – however, it might be part of a more elaborate plan.

`Elon Musk is known to be savvy in the world of video games and meme-culture, so it may be possible he foresaw this happening. Perhaps not to this extent, though.
Either way, the Cybertruck has made a giant splash and its likely to have attracted some gamers to preorder the vehicle, which, at the time of writing, has secured 200,000 orders, according to Musk .