Ellen DeGeneres Should Absolutely Be Sacked – Here’s Who Should Replace Her

Rumors are swirling that Ellen DeGeneres could leave her show. If the gossip is true - and let's hope it is - here's who should replace her.
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May 28, 2020 9:00 PM UTC
  • Ellen DeGeneres is rumored to be considering leaving her talk show.
  • There’s speculation that “Frozen” actress Kristen Bell could take her place.
  • If the gossip is true, Bell is the perfect replacement.

Ellen DeGeneres might be getting replaced.

According to some tabloid gossip, the talk show host and sometime actress is so negatively affected by all of the rumors going around about her “mean” behavior that she’s ready to leave her eponymous show.

Kristen Bell, known for her work on “Frozen,” is speculated to be her replacement.

And if these rumors are true, there couldn’t be a better fit than Bell!

Ellen DeGeneres Has Far Overstayed Her Welcome

Ellen DeGeneres had her time in the sun, and she abused it. | Source: Robyn Beck / AFP

There was a time when Ellen DeGeneres’ show was seen as the breath of fresh air that it was. Certainly, at a time when American talk shows were focusing on the negative — think “Maury” and “Jerry Springer” — DeGeneres’ eponymous show filled a void.

But, as more people became aware of what’s known as “toxic positivity” — which DeGeneres seems to embody — and combined it with their shifting ways in how they consumed content, the “Finding Dory” actress seemed to be rendered moot.

The truth about Ellen DeGeneres has finally been revealed. | Source: Twitter

And when reports of her “nice” persona were revealed to be all an act, the conclusion seemed to be self-evident: Ellen DeGeneres has got to go.

Why Kristen Bell?

Kristen Bell is rumored to be friendly, professional, and an overall delight to deal with — nothing like Ellen’s condescending attitude. | Source: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Although there are scant details available about Bell’s rumored takeover of Ellen DeGeneres’ show, she’d be the perfect replacement if, indeed, the tabloid gossip is true.

Though Bell is by no means perfect, she’s someone whose journey is admired and respected by many everyday women. Her ability to share her trials and tribulations with her marriage and children make her relatable to the “Midwest mom” contingent that loves Ellen so much.

And most of all, Bell is rumored to be friendly, professional, and an overall delight to deal with — nothing like Ellen’s condescending attitude and alleged abuse of everyone she deems “beneath” her.

Ellen DeGeneres had her time in the sun, and she misused it. It’s time for her to step aside and give a deserving woman like Kristen Bell a chance to shine.

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