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Bitcoin Christmas Day Price: Analyzing BTC’s Value On December 25 Since 2009

Last Updated December 25, 2023 8:22 PM
Andrew Kamsky
Last Updated December 25, 2023 8:22 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin’s value soared from the cost of electricity to mine Bitcoin in 2009 to over $43,407 by 2023.
  • Bitcoin’s dominance fell from 100% to 52% by 2023, diversifying the crypto landscape.
  • The crypto market cap grew from zero in 2009 to $1.63 trillion in 2023, outlining Bitcoin’s and the crypto industries’ meteoric rise over the last decade and a half.
  • Bitcoin demonstrated resilience and volatility, fluctuating prices due to global events and trends.

Bitcoin’s journey from a price of $0.003 in 2009 to over $37,000 in 2023, alongside its fluctuating market dominance, highlights its status as a top-performing asset and store of value. Despite its dominance dropping from 100% to 52%, reflecting a more diverse crypto market, Bitcoin’s significant volatility has been central to its rapid value appreciation. 

This growth, mirrored by the crypto market cap’s rise to $1.4 trillion in 2023, showcases Bitcoin’s impact and profitability in the financial world over the last 15 years. Below is an outline of its trajectory, taking the price on Christmas day. 

Year Bitcoin Price On Christmas Day
– $
Bitcoin Dominance CoinMarketCap
– $ Billion
2009 0.003 100% 0.00
2010 0.25 99.5% 0.05
2011 4.07 99% 0.10
2012 13.34 98% 0.10
2013 669.50 98% 1.50
2014  320.20 98% 4.44
2015 449.92 99% 6.86
2016 883.73 95% 14.85
2017 14,146.95 48% 494.90
2018 3,881.91 55% 122.02
2019 7,206.91 70% 184.89
2020 24,165.49 69% 648.67
2021 50,654.88 40% 2.37 T
2022 16,801.54 43% 770.4
2023 43,407.50 52%  1.63 T

Bitcoin’s Price Shift From 2009’s Negligible Value To 2012’s Steady Growth

2009 To 2012

In its infancy, Bitcoin was a mere concept, valued at the price of electricity necessary to mine Bitcoin, which was roughly $0.003 in 2009, with the entire crypto market cap at virtually zero. 

By 2012, as Bitcoin’s price rose to $13.34, the total market cap reached $0.10 billion, indicating a young but growing interest in the cryptocurrency space. This period laid the groundwork for the crypto revolution despite the infant market.

Bitcoin’s Early Growth: Price Trends And Public Sentiment (2013 To 2016)

Bitcoin’s Emergence: A Look Back At 2013 To 2016

This era marked Bitcoin’s entry into public consciousness. 2013 saw a significant surge in Bitcoin’s price to $669.50 and the market cap expanding to $1.50 billion, signaling a bullish trend. 

However, the following years witnessed fluctuations, with the market cap reflecting these changes at $4.44 billion in 2014 and $6.86 billion in 2015, finally reaching $14.85 billion in 2016. These figures underscored the growing but volatile nature of the market.

2014-2016 Bitcoin Price
2014-2016 Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Surge And Volatility Between 2017 And 2019

Bitcoin’s Rollercoaster Ride: From 2017’s Record Highs To 2019’s Recovery

During this era, Bitcoin experienced a period of substantial growth and corrections. The year 2017 was a milestone, with Bitcoin’s price reaching $14,146.95 and the total market cap soaring to a staggering $494.90 billion. 

This bubble, however, was followed by a significant correction in 2018, with the market cap dropping to $122.02 billion. The market cap 2019 ($184.89 billion) reflected a partial recovery, indicative of a market that was beginning to mature and stabilize.

2017-2019 Bitcoin Price
2017-2019 Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin During The COVID-19 Period (Between 2020 And 2022): Market Resilience and Pandemic Impact 

Bitcoin’s Evolution Through Pandemic Turbulence

The pandemic years were a testament to Bitcoin’s resilience. In 2020, the price escalated to $24,165.49, with the market cap reaching $648.67 billion, driven by a surge in institutional investment and a quest for digital safe-haven assets. 

The trend continued in 2021, with the market cap peaking at $2.37 trillion. However, 2022 saw a pullback in both price ($16,801.54) and market cap ($770.4 billion), reflecting global economic uncertainties and market corrections.

2020 - 2023 Bitcoin Price
2020 – 2023 Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Dominance Throughout History

Bitcoin has stood as a pioneering force since its inception in 2009. Initially, Bitcoin held an unchallenged dominance of 100%, reflecting its status as the sole player and first cryptocurrency in the crypto market. 

This dominance, a measure of Bitcoin’s market capitalization relative to the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies, remained exceedingly high in the early years, hovering around 98-99%. However, as the crypto market expanded and diversified, Bitcoin’s dominance gradually reduced. 

From a commanding presence of nearly 100% in 2009, it experienced fluctuations, notably dropping to 48% in 2017 during the ICO boom and Ethereum’s introduction into the crypto market in 2015-2017, then partially recovering and eventually stabilizing to a more contested position of around 52% by 2023. 

This shift illustrates not just the growth of Bitcoin in absolute terms but also the rapid emergence and expansion of other cryptocurrencies, reshaping the digital asset landscape.

Christmas Day And Bitcoin: Understanding Historical Price Patterns

The Christmas day price analysis reveals that Bitcoin’s performance during this festive season mirrors the broader market trends. The market cap data adds context to these trends, showing how the entire crypto market has responded in tandem with Bitcoin’s price movements. 

For instance, the high market cap during the bull runs of 2017 and the pandemic years contrasts with the lower market caps during the bearish phases.

Bitcoin’s Christmas Day Price Predictions: Expert Opinions

Predicting Bitcoin’s future, especially based on Christmas Day prices, is difficult to predict. Adam Back, a key figure in the cryptocurrency sector, believes that Bitcoin’s value could reach $100,000 before its next halving in April 2024. 

Adam Back explains that his prediction is influenced by factors such as the historical impact of Bitcoin halving events on Bitcoin’s price, in prior years, increasing mainstream adoption, and broader economic conditions. However, caution is always advised to crypto investors because the crypto market is still young and influenced by various factors. Making predictions is challenging but intriguing for investors and enthusiasts alike.


Bitcoin’s evolution to a store of value asset, digital gold, from the cost of electricity to a value of mere cents to tens of thousands of dollars is not just a story of financial growth but also one of technological innovation, evolving public perception and education, and the ever-changing dynamics of the global economy. 

The fluctuating dominance of Bitcoin, once the unrivaled king of cryptocurrencies, is now sharing the stage with many other digital assets, particularly Ethereum, which highlights the diversification and maturation of the cryptocurrency market.


How has Bitcoin’s price changed on Christmas Day since 2009?

Since 2009, Bitcoin’s Christmas Day price has grown from just $0.003 to $43,407.50 in 2023, reflecting its evolution from a novel concept to a significant financial asset.

What does the decrease in Bitcoin’s market dominance indicate?

Bitcoin’s decreasing dominance, from 100% in 2009 to 52% in 2023, indicates a diversifying crypto market with the emergence of other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, expanding the digital asset landscape.

How did the crypto market cap evolve alongside Bitcoin’s growth?

The crypto market cap has grown significantly, from virtually zero in 2009 to $1.4 trillion in 2023, mirroring Bitcoin’s price increase and indicating increased investor interest and market maturity.

Can Bitcoin’s historical Christmas Day prices predict its future?

While Bitcoin’s Christmas Day prices provide insights into historical trends, predicting its future based on these prices is complex due to the influence of various unpredictable market factors.


The information provided is for educational and analytical purposes only. The historical data on Bitcoin’s value on Christmas Day is not indicative of future performance or investment advice. Always conduct thorough research and consider consulting financial professionals before making any investment decisions.

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