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Dutch energy supplier BAS to accept Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM
Christoph Marckx
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM

Dutch energy supplier BAS Nederland  allows its customers to pay using Bitcoins. BAS Nederland will be the first energy company around the world to offer this possibility. Founder Arash Aazami says that Bitcoin connects with the company’s philosophy to reduce our dependence on old, limiting systems.

Connects perfectly with Bitcoin

BAS stands for ‘Beneficial to All Stakeholders’. The company aims to help its customers to progress towards the complete independence of the parties’ energy. They see energy as a basic need for everyone. Being dependent on ending energy sources, uncontrollable prices and shady companies doesn’t fit that description. Clean energy is the future and the possibility to make that clean energy yourself should be a priority if we want to survive.
To achieve this, the company offers one product called ‘De Weg Naar Nul’. In English, this means ‘Road to Zero’. By being a BAS customer, you’ll gradually receive less and less energy because BAS helps you in providing energy for yourself. In the end, you’ll reach zero which means you’ll be able to provide energy for yourself. Beneficial to All Stakeholders.
Because of BAS’ independent and green nature, Bitcoin connects perfectly. Bitcoin provides an energy-sufficient and green method of transferring money between parties. “Just like BAS, Bitcoin has the purpose to increase people’s independence. It tries to give them the possibility to create their own values. It appeals worldwide to people that want to detach themselves from the deteriorating systems that define the ‘old world’.”, says BAS founder Arash Aazami.
“People go looking for new solutions that benefit themselves and their environment. This creates a completely new economy. BAS wants to give its customers the opportunity to increase their energy-independence and take part in a transition that finances itself. Our decision to accept Bitcoins as a valid method of payment seamlessly connects with that.”, he added.

Bitcoin madness

The decision to start accepting virtual currencies couldn’t have come at a better timing. Bitcoin is all over the news right now in the Netherlands. Only hours from now, The Hague will officially launch its first Bitcoin Boulevard. A street that consists of mostly bars and restaurants where every merchant will accept Bitcoin. This is also the place where the first Bitcoin ATM in the Netherlands can be found.
To add to the Bitcoin buzz, a hearing took place in parliament last week. Two members of Parliament posed some questions to The Netherlands’ Minister of Justice and Security Ivo Opstelten. The questions suggested possibly banning Bitcoin in response to two recent high-profile gun-related incidents  in the country, one which included the illegal purchase of a semi-automatic pistol with Bitcoin by Dutch law enforcement in a sting operation. Opstelten issued a statement in which he said that financial transactions for criminal activities are not exclusive to cryptographic payment forms. He added that international developments in the digital currency space are being watched, but felt no need to ban Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
This government response makes clear that The Netherlands do not intend to put any restrictions on the use of Bitcoin. The events taking place right now are only going to make the coin become more widely accepted in the country. Other countries should take a close look at what’s happening here, so they can see Bitcoin poses no threat to everyday life.