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Dutch Burger King Accepts Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM
James Moreau
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM

In an effort to promote itself as the world’s most Bitcoin-friendly city, Arnhem in the Netherlands has added Burger King to the list of businesses  both big and small that accept Bitcoin payments within city limits.

Currently listing over 100 businesses that accept Bitcoin, Arnhem is hosting its next meetup at the Bitcoin-friendly Burger King on September 19th to celebrate the milestone of hitting 100 venues that have signed up.

Bitcoin-friendly Burger King

The team  at Arnhem Bitcoin City consists of Bitcoin enthusiasts Patrick van der Meijde, Annet de Boer, and Rogier Eijkelhof, three professionals that specialize in educating business owners on how commerce with cryptocurrency works.

While Meijde, Boer, and Eikelhof are pushing hard for businesses to adopt the cryptocurrency as an accepted form of payment, there’s also a considerable amount of work they must do to help promote consumer adoption of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin City’s Bitcoin Meetup seems to be a vibrant social group focused on educating the public at large in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Special offers and discounts have also obviously helped push adoption as several businesses have agreed to offer customers special perks for using the cryptocurrency such as free sides to meals ordered, discounts on event passes and BoGo Whopper deals specifically at Burger King (bacon and cheese not included).


As of May 28th when Bitcoin City started, the growth to 100 total businesses has been rapid. Almost every aspect of day-to-day life is covered under the list of merchants and businesses that accepts Bitcoin included, but not limited to gas stations, restaurants, barbers, dentists, massage salons, hotels, etc. One of the more powerful aspects of this project is that it could become a self-sustaining and growing ecosystem over time. If businesses go beyond customers to indulge business-to-business transactions in Bitcoin, the community will become even stronger.

Images from Shutterstock, Highcharts, and Facebook /Arnhem Bitcoin City.