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Donald Trump Will Be Livid With Twitter’s Latest Tweet-Strike

Simon Chandler
Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
  • Twitter has placed a warning above a tweet posted by Donald Trump for violating its rules on “glorifying violence.”
  • The warning comes after the social network fact-checked two other Trump tweets, while Trump threatened to regulate social media sites in retaliation.
  • But Twitter isn’t backing off, and Trump is himself likely to be hurt by social media regulation.

Twitter has placed a warning on a tweet from Donald Trump for “glorifying violence.” The U.S. President tweeted earlier this morning about the Minneapolis riots. However, Twitter put one of his tweets — in which Trump appeared to threaten the use of military force — behind a warning.

Twitter’s move is the latest in its ongoing feud with Donald Trump. Earlier this week, the social media site fact-checked two other tweets from Trump, related to mail fraud.

With Trump himself threatening to regulate social networks in retaliation, this spat may only get worse. But unfortunately for Trump, this is one (more) fight he’s going to lose.

Twitter Censors Donald Trump Over Minneapolis Riots Tweet

At around, 12:53 am Eastern Time today, Donald Trump posted two tweets related to the Minneapolis riots. The first bemoaned what’s currently happening in Minneapolis, as well as the “total lack of leadership.” He was presumably talking about himself.

Donald Trump Minneapolis riots Twitter tweet
Donald Trump posts two tweets about the Minneapolis riots. However, the second is blocked behind a warning. ⎮ Source: Twitter 

As shown above, Twitter placed the second tweet behind a warning. Apparently, the tweet had violated rules about “glorifying violence.” However, rather than take it down, the social network made it viewable in “the public’s interest.”

How exactly did it glorify violence? Well, Trump threatened to send “the Military” to Minneapolis, implying that it would or may open fire if people continued looting.

Donald Trump censored Minneapolis riots tweet Twitter
Trump’s tweet came with a warning placed above it. ⎮ Source: Twitter 

Given just how divisive a dotard Trump is, it’s not surprising to see that people have quickly come out in support for Twitter.

Twitter praise tweet
A Twitter user praises the social media site for putting a warning next to Trump’s tweet. ⎮ Source: Twitter 

However, others have suggested that this all creates a perfect distraction for Trump. By diverting attention, a Twitter-Trump feud takes the focus away from the Minneapolis riots and other big national problems, while stoking up Trump’s core base.

Anna Palmer tweet
Politico journalist Anna Palmer suggests that Trump would be happy to feud it out with social media. ⎮ Source: Twitter 

Mail-In Feuds

And it really does look like a full-blow feud between Donald Trump and Twitter is beginning. Because this isn’t the first time the site has weakened one of Trump’s tweets.

On Tuesday, Twitter fact-checked a couple of Trump’s tweets concerning mail-in ballots. The social network placed a link below these two tweets, inviting users to “Get the facts about mail-in ballots.”

Trump ballot tweets
The fact-check links redirected to summaries of Trump’s “unsubstantiated claims” and to news articles from CNN and the Washington Post. ⎮ Source: Twitter 

Needless to say, Trump wasn’t particularly happy about having the wind taken out of his proverbial social media sails. Up until now, Twitter had been his platform for posting whatever hare-brained, half-digested thought he liked, all without restrictions and repercussions.

Sadly, it looks like his easy ride is over.

Trump complaint tweet
Trump describes Twitter’s actions as “interference” and as “stifling free speech.” ⎮ Source: Twitter 

Of course, Trump’s not letting go of his baloney privileges without a fight. Yesterday, he signed an executive order intended to weaken social media companies.

Basically, the order calls on the FCC and the FTC to devise new rules that would make social networks responsible for the content they host. In other words, it could turn social networks from “platforms” into “publishers.”

However, such a move won’t work out well for Trump. On the one hand, it will face legal challenges. On the other, it would result in social networks policing his toxic guff even more vigorously.

So get used to it Donald: your “glory” days are over.

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