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Donald Trump is Leading 7 Confused Lambs to Slaughter With New Panel

Donald Trump has appointed a circus of misfits to determine when the economy will reopen. Spoiler Alert: It's going to be a disaster.

  • The laughable crew that makes up Donald Trump’s Officials on Council to Re-Open America was revealed.
  • The panel in no way resembles the organization Trump had been suggesting.
  • It’s clear that Trump wasn’t able to find anyone credible who was stupid enough to join this collection of misfits.

This week Americans collectively shook their heads in disbelief when Donald Trump revealed the members of his Officials on Council to Re-Open America (OCRA).

Many were shocked at the collection of misfits Trump has tasked with such an important job. Not a single health expert or economist is included in the group. But there’s a reason for that—anyone with an ounce of credibility or experience probably doesn’t want to come anywhere near the disaster that will be the U.S. reopening. 

Donald Trump Struggled to Find Participants

Many noted that the panel doesn’t consist of any of the types of “great minds” Mr. Trump initially advertised. | Source: Twitter

Trump initially described the panel as a group of “great doctors” and “great business leaders” but the council doesn’t include anyone from either category. 

The president probably struggled to find a credible doctor that would join a panel working to open the economy in May despite the pandemic. As far as his aim to find “great business leaders,” CEOs were likely unwilling to align themselves with the president after watching other similar panels fall apart in the past.

It all boils down to the fact that anyone with a reputation worth protecting doesn’t want to be associated with a group that prematurely reopens the economy and sparks a second wave of coronavirus. That’s because this isn’t a panel that will meet to debate the merits and drawbacks of reopening the economy, but a facade the president is using to reopen the economy.

The panel is also a collection of sheep to be led to the slaughter house when the economic false-start goes belly up. These are people who are either too stupid to realize or too desperate to care that they’re being set up as scapegoats.

The Only Two OCRA Members With a Shred of Relevance

Wilbur Ross is one of the only panel members with any kind of relevant experience or knowledge. | Source: MANDEL NGAN / AFP

The council is made up of seven people—only two of which have any meaningful experience. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is one such pick, who is at least highly educated and has work experience in several different industries. But Ross did initially predict that the coronavirus pandemic would create jobs, calling his judgement into question. 

Robert Lighthizer, an attorney and the current U.S. Trade Representative, is another sensible pick. After that, the panel’s qualifications start to deteriorate.

The Five Stooges

Larry Kudlow, Director of the U.S. National Economic Council, also sits on the OCRA panel. Notably, he was hired as an economist at Bear Stearns, but was fired a few years later because of a drug addiction. Kudlow also famously claimed the coronavirus outbreaks were contained “pretty close to airtight.” 

Mnuchin brings very little to the table, and what he does bring isn’t highly regarded. | Source: Twitter

But Kudlow looks like a great candidate compared to the rest of the group.

Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin makes for an interesting pick. The majority of Mnuchin’s experience comes from the investment banking world and he is perceived as being completely out of touch with the working class. Case in point: Mnuchin said in March that the millions of job losses caused by the pandemic were “not relevant.”

Trump appointed his family members when he failed to find anyone else willing to join this joke of a committee. | Source: Twitter

Trump’s family members Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are also on the panel, despite the President promising they wouldn’t be. Kushner got to where he is today through a career as a real estate mogul. Ivanka has no work experience aside from her role on her father’s reality TV show and a failed fashion line.

Unfortunately, Kushner and Trump aren’t even the least qualified members of this ensemble cast. Mark Meadows rounds out the group as the most ridiculous pick. Meadows holds a prestigious Associates Degree of Arts, a fact he apparently embellished for his official biography. It’s unclear exactly what Meadows brings to the table other than being a placeholder to bump up the numbers.

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