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Gold And Silver On The Blockchain: DigitalTangible Partners With Agora Commodities

Connie Kearney
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

Precious metals and digital money platform, DigitalTangible has partnered with Agora Commodities to allow gold and silver to be stored and verified on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

DigitalTangible, which manages the world’s first Bitcoin precious metals trading platform, has developed Bitcoin 2.0 tokens that are verifiable on the Blockchain and allow investors to now buy and sell silver in addition to gold bullion.

“DigitalTangible” Gold and Silver

With the integration of verifiable tokens, millions of buyers can now use these digital assets to trade and invest in bullion in real-time. This makes gold and silver now available to anyone anywhere in the world using the Bitcoin network.

Thanks to a promotions agreement between DigitalTangible and Agora Commodities, buyers will be able to purchase select bullion products at wholesale pricing until the end of 2014; paying the lowest price available for physical gold and silver.

Founder and CEO of DigitalTangible, Taariq Lewis, shared his thoughts on the partnership:

Physical precious metal investing is receiving more converts from paper gold trading. Given the immense demand we have seen, we’re excited to partner with Agora Commodities to promote this end of year opportunity for new and current investors. Linking precious metals to the Bitcoin Blockchain is an innovation that creates new investment opportunities that were simply impossible in recent memory.

Trading precious metals on the Bitcoin Blockchain (specifically gold) has had some other interesting developments recently with bitcoin-based financial services company Bitreserve, linking bitcoin with gold through a partnership with bullion trading house Gold Bullion International.

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