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DigiPeso Agrees to Listing Hada DBank’s Digital Coin (Hada Coin) on Digi Peso Trading Exchange

Last Updated May 12, 2023 6:48 AM
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Last Updated May 12, 2023 6:48 AM

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Blockchain-based Islamic Banking platform Hada DBank  continues to expand its liquidity capabilities by minting a brand new partnership with Belgium based exchange, DigiPeso  that will make the decentralized bank’s Hada coins tradeable on the exchange. The agreement, effective immediately after the HADA Coin crowdsale  ends on 31st May 2018, 00:00 EST will enable the crypto community to securely exchange their tokens.

Speaking on behalf of DigiPeso , Mr. Danny Wirken, revealed the reasoning behind HADA Coin ’s record time listing on the OTC crypto exchange:

“We are extremely particular about working with crypto coins. Only those that hold the potential to grow and sustain in today’s marketplace will be of interest and listed on our exchange. We found all such prospects with the new HADA Coin and we didn’t delay to approach Hada DBank with the proposal to list the new coin on our exchange. We are confident HADA Coin is soon to be a favourite of smart crypto traders on our exchange”

DigiPeso  is one of Europe’s most reputable cryptocurrency exchange, offering a wide range of services for crypto assets and liquidity. The company offers a wide range of crypto products, including client interfaces and admin back end, as well as mobile apps, wallets, OTC and liquidity solutions for delivery & leveraged trading. Incorporated in 2004, DigiPeso  has been providing professional services and custom technology development for both new and emerging businesses within the financial markets.

“It’s a very proud moment for us to share that the DigiPeso wished to list us on its exchange and we didn’t hesitate to accept the proposal” revealed Hisyam Mokhtar, HADA DBank Chairman and interim CEO. “Both of us share the same vision for blockchain technology and are confident of its bright future in the next few years. We are glad that the cryptocurrency exchange showed faith in us and believed in our coin’s trading potential”

Hada DBank  remains the world’s first digital back to integrate the transparent and risk-sharing features of Islamic Banking onto the blockchain technology. The services offered by the bank is distinctively different from all other banking service provider due to its emphasis on transparency and risk sharing features, reducing the risk faced by both individuals and businesses. Hada DBank caters to everyone, regardless of faith.


Hada DBank’s native cryptocurrency, HADA Coin, has been developed solely to assist the bank with generating funds for the development of the project, hence the reason why the coins have been endowed:

  • Execute financial services and access banking activities on Hada DBank platform
  • Participate in the reception and distribution of monetary profits
  • Pay for goods and services online or offline with Hada physical card
  • Leverage as collateral when applying for Unsecured & Term loans
  • Trade on crypto exchanges like F1Cryptos & DigiPeso

About Hada DBank

With the financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 serving as a grim reminder of how opacity and irresponsibility can bring the global economic system to it knees, Hada DBank  is set to take the financial industry by storm, ushering the future of banking through the unique fusion of Islamic banking and blockchain technology. This fusion will enable the banking industry develop truly transparent, secure, and direct channels for the instantaneous exchange of values based on two core pillars; Caring & Personal.