DevCore Boston Launches Bitcoin Foundation’s Developer Roundtables

roundtable bitcoin foundationNext month, DevCore Boston launches a series of roundtables sponsored by Bitcoin Foundation for developers interested in deepening their technical expertise to support the future development of Bitcoin Core. The roundtable will be on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015 and will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at District Hall, 75 Northern Ave. in Boston, Mass. Circle Internet Financial, led by Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville and based in Boston, is the event’s Title Sponsor.

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Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist Gavin Andresen to Give Keynote at Boston DevCore

Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist Gavin Andresen will give the keynote address and include a feature presentation from Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville, co-founders and CEO and CTO respectively of Circle:

“Just like the Internet, Bitcoin’s ongoing maturity toward massive mainstream volume depends on attracting more people to code, test, debate, and generally innovate in its open meritocracy,” said Neville. “But it’s a daunting project to enter. These roundtables help developers cross that threshold.”

“The biggest challenge for Bitcoin startups right now is finding technical talent who understands the block chain technology,” said Andresen. “Whatever your skill level or interest, this event will give you a solid grounding in Bitcoin Core and how you can contribute.”

The program includes a “Quick Hacks” workshop; training and certification; panel discussions with technical experts; an in-depth Q&A with Bitcoin Core developers; consulting sessions with law firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, and networking opportunities.

Attendees, whether they are recent graduates to advanced C++ programmers, Bitcoin novices to Bitcoin veterans, will be better equipped to advance the development of Bitcoin Core.

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