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Derrius Guice Is Ending Ed Orgeron’s Career as Well as His Own

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:26 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:26 PM
  • Former Washington running back Derrius Guice has been arrested on domestic violence charges and accused of raping two women while in college.
  • According to media reports, there is a possibility that LSU head coach Ed Orgeron knew about the alleged assaults.
  • Orgeron denies it, but if proof can be found that he did know, his career is over.

Ed Orgeron had to feel pretty darn good after leading LSU to the national championship last season. Not just because his team just won the title, but because he ha finally made it.

He had climbed to the top of the college football coaching tree, proven his worth, and secured his future. It’s a shame one of his former players, Derrius Guice, is going to bring it all crashing down.

Derrius Guice turning himself in after being accused of domestic violence. | Source: Twitter 

Guice was arrested recently on charges of domestic violence. As the news broke, it wasn’t long before the Washington Football Team announced his release. If the initial accusations were not enough to end his career, being accused of rape by two women while he was at LSU certainly is.

If some of the information being reported about those allegations can be substantiated, it will be the end of Ed Orgeron’s career.

What Did Ed Orgeron Know?

Two women have accused Guice of raping them during his freshman year at LSU. They didn’t report the crimes to law enforcement, but they did talk to several officials at LSU, including two coaches, an athletic administrator, and a nurse.

It sounds like the decision should have been easy for the university– investigate. But for some odd reason, the school failed to conduct any kind of investigation.

This makes LSU look bad, but not Orgeron. What a former player (and former boyfriend of one of the victims) says Orgeron told him does make him look bad, though.

According to the former player (via a USA Today report ), about a year after the alleged assault involving Guice, Orgeron approached him and began talking about it. In the conversation, Orgeron was dismissive of the allegations and told him, “Everybody’s girlfriend sleeps with other people.”

The comment, while tasteless, is not enough to end his career. But by talking about the alleged assault, it becomes apparent that Orgeron knew about it—and did nothing.

Something like that can end his career. In response to the allegation, Orgeron released the following statement:

Ed Orgeron’s statement. | Source: Twitter 

Potential Fallout?

Knowledge of alleged assaults and a failure to respond appropriately were enough to bring down Art Briles at Baylor and Joe Paterno at Penn State. As for Ed Orgeron, it’s one man’s word against another. For action against him to be warranted, new information is necessary.

Unless another coach comes forward or Guice admits to telling him, Orgeron and his job are safe. But the moment something is unearthed, it will be time to pack up his office.

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