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Decentralized Wings: AVINOC Brings Blockchain Solution to Aviation Industry

Last Updated April 25, 2023 9:43 AM
Guest Writer
Last Updated April 25, 2023 9:43 AM

General Aviation (GA) is a fast-paced industry that does not limit itself in form of time and space. Typically having small and medium aircrafts, the industry has more outreach since the airplanes can make use of shorter runways and cater for clients be using airports that are nearer. Catering for not only passengers but freight and cargo. The size and utilization of the services can be imagined by the fact that out of the 350,000 aircrafts operating worldwide, 93 percent (325,000) are exclusively used by GA.

AVINOC: Creating Turbulence In Industry

AVIation Network Operation Chain, AVINOC  is a decentralized startup for the GA industry that capitalizes on the power of blockchain to offer quicker, cheaper and faster services. Current market leaders that offer clients the option to select the cheapest or economical transport work on acting as intermediaries.

At first glance, this seems very suitable, since a passenger or a goods sender does not need to contact each airline individually and negotiate rates and rebates. Yet, the dissociation between the operator and the end user by these booking portals mean the clients are charged heavily by the service provider in the forms of commissions. AVINOC , through its peer 2 peer platform, intends to bring down costs of flying by connecting GA airlines and clients directly.

This means that there is a reduction not only in costs by eliminating commissions, but faster communication, transparent charges, easier bookings and proper utilization of seats and cargo space also lead to lower transportation costs of airlines. This win-win situation designed by AVINOC  gives both, operators and clients lower fare and boosts confidence.


Tokenizing Aviation

The AVINOC  platform makes transactions easy and fast through its native blockchain AVINOC Token. Currently, the public distribution event is in progress, letting investors back the token at USD 0.055 = 1 AVINOC. The event sees a daily round and different airdrops, with each drop varying in size and time.

Within the platform, the token will not only be used by clients to pay for fare or freight but allow airlines to financially interact with airports, such as landing fee, fuel expenses, crew salaries and catering services.

Out of 1,000,000,000 AVINOC tokens ever to be minted, 400,000,000 are available for backers. The tokens are expected to be listed on major exchange by the end of 2018, with SDKs available for aviation business partners in Q1 2019, allowing operators, airports and allied services to integrate the platform in their current setups with a completion of the platform in the General Aviation industry by end of 2019.

AVINOC , with its peer to peer approach, is set to revolutionize the aviation industry, bringing it up to par with the latest of technological achievement for any industry, that is blockchain.

For more information on the decentralized aviation service platform, visit their website: https://www.avinoc.com/