Dear Kanye West, We’re Ready for You to Just Make Music Again

Kanye West just made the news because he’s in the hospital for “too much texting.” He needs to get back to his musical roots.
Kanye West
It's time for Kanye West to drop his Kardashian ways and get back to doing what he does best. | Source: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File
  • Kanye West is back in the news.
  • This time, it’s because he’s been hospitalized for “too much texting.”
  • He needs to get back to his musical roots.

Kanye West is back in the news.

And, once again, it’s for a head-scratchingly stupid reason.

As hard as it is to believe, there was a time that West used to make headlines because he made some of the best music around. Maybe it’s time for him to get back to that?

Kanye West Thanks Modern Medicine For Saving His Life In The Texting Incident

In a series of tweets, Kanye West took to Twitter to announce that he’d been hospitalized because of “too much texting.” He went on to credit the doctors who injected him with lidocaine to immediately take the pain away.

It’s unclear why he felt the need to share this — maybe he needed to get back into the news cycle to counter-act all of his wife’s latest press?

Kanye West
You could’ve left this one in the drafts, Kanye West. | Source: Twitter

I’m glad Kanye West feels better, but aren’t we long overdue for the award-winning producer and rapper to make a comeback?

There Was A Time That He Was Untouchable

Call it the Kardashian effect, if you’d like. But these days, West is better known for his publicity stunts and disastrous presidential runs than he is for any music he makes.

And that’s embarrassing.

In the early 2000s, he was signed as a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records, and thanks to his technical know-how, he revived Jay-Z’s previously dead career on “The Blueprint,” which is today considered one of the greatest hip-hop records of all time. He created hit songs for Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Cam’ron, and Ludacris. He even rapped through a broken jaw on his path to creating his debut masterpiece, “The College Dropout.”

He’s one of the world’s best-selling artists (140 million units sold, and counting, as of this writing). He’s got 21 Grammys sitting on his mantle — making him one of the most awarded artists of all time. He’s considered one of the greatest songwriters of all time. And he’s been voted as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People…twice.

Kanye West deserves a hell of a lot more than going down the Kardashian route of attention-seeking publicity stunts. He needs to remember where he came from and what made him so beloved in the first place.

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