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Dapp.com Set to Create a Trend Towards Decentralized Application Environment

Last Updated May 12, 2023 6:13 AM
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Last Updated May 12, 2023 6:13 AM
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San Francisco, June 18, 2018 — Dapp.com  has been launched with the intent of creating new opportunities for developers of Dapp (Decentralized Applications) and blockchain enthusiasts. They aim to create a new scope for technology exploration, project reviews, and play around with upcoming technologies.

Kyle Lu, the founder and CEO of Dapp.com, was a former Partner and VP at Achain, an Asia-based blockchain platform that allows developers of all levels of experience to deploy tokens, smart contracts, and blockchain network. Kyle has shown an active interest in blockchain advancements around the globe. He is a regular speaker at crypto conferences. His interests are centered around topics like blockchain technology adoption and application. He is enthusiastic about the scope of the rising technologies and confident about the opportunities the future of blockchain and smart contracts hold.

Kyle has a history of successful ventures in fields of technologies, such as big data, mobile internet. He is a serial entrepreneur who has made numerous technological transformations and innovations in traditional businesses. He is also an expert in global business development and investment.

About Dapp.com

The Dapp.com organization consists of determined practitioners specializing in the decentralized technology. These practitioners share a lofty goal to encourage developers, organizations and blockchain learners to create new innovations and bring the ever-required novelty in the existing technologies. The main aim of Dapp is to deliver scalability and enhance reliability among the community. This means a concrete infrastructure will be created to bring security, atomicity, and consistency among blockchain users. This will be beneficial for the long-term system of message passing and cryptocurrency transactions.


Decentralized apps also provide a community-wide platform to facilitate distributed resource sharing and service infrastructure over the network. This platform is set to enable users to browse, play, and review Dapps developed on any blockchain ecosystems. The advantage being: enhanced usability, encouragement for open contributions, census to make unanimous or democratic decisions, and so on.

The platform aims to solve the major issue faced by software developers that is, “How to promote their Dapp and build a community to generate sustainable revenue?” An example of such an application is Cryptokittes, that is one of many Dapp-based games that are lacking the recognition they deserve. The traditional systems inhibit a low-cost promotion of software as a result of which many software fail to lose traction due to low or zero budget for advertisements. Dapp.com solve this problem by suggesting featured or popular applications on the network such as “Editor’s Choice,” “Classic Crypto Games,” “Decentralized Exchange” and more.

Dapp platform also encourages new developers to submit projects (either beta or work in progress). For a user to provide their project, they only need to take a few minutes to leverage the platform and get more exposure. The interface is interactive and easy to use; hence developers are not overwhelmed with the complexities of the underlying system.

Dapp focuses on speeding up mainstream adoption of blockchain technology so that everyone can use Dapps on a daily basis. Enhancing the security, ease-of-use, and functionality of the environment will bring new entrepreneurs looking for more reliable alternatives for creating business opportunities through distributed web applications.

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Unique Selling Points

Dapp’s  systems give a single platform the liberty of connecting to a community-wide audience with no central authority. This means that there is no separate governance taking the necessary decisions, but a distributed control over the users of the technology. The users of Dapps get to make the final call through consensus in a decentralized environment.

Given the independence from a central authority, Dapps is the perfect platform for promoting a community for blockchain enthusiasts, users, media, and influencers. The system can be used to generate new businesses and technology patches to communicate with the consumers reliably.

The continuous research and development of the products at powerful incubators and labs will generate the required scalability to match Dapp projects to the ever-changing demands of the community.

The Dapp team is continuously learning and performing since the project development based on multiple blockchain platforms since 2016. The team is familiar with every advancement and upgrades in the sector and capable of keeping up with the trends in the crypto market. The organization is also backed up by industry leaders & global VCs that support and promote the enterprise’s venture at every instance.

The Journey So Far

The team has expanded to a worldwide network of 12 leaders spread across Asia and the U.S. each equipped with sufficient support to cover all operational aspects of the business. The organization is the first to create an all-in-one integrated platform for Dapp community with the launch of their website.

The feat was celebrated with the Dapp.com Launch Carnival; this was a remarkable event where over 1,000 people participated in this online event. The exhibition was accompanied by keynote speaker Kyle Lu, who commenced the launch at World Economic Forum in New York and Blockchain Economic Forum in San Francisco.

Organizational goal to look forward to

The organization is looking forward to launching multiple new features in the upcoming months. These services include statistical and analytics tools that will be able to process comprehensive data for smart contracts performances. This will create scope for algorithmic development to process and collect data over the decentralized network. This makes Dapps the first open-source scientific and comprehensive algorithm to measure Dapp’s healthiness. The services are also set to include events for the community like Dapp developers, blockchainers and more.

The services are being compared to the previous technological giants such as the App Store that was launched in the year 2008 with an initial 500 applications available. In contrast to the centralized yet “Proprietary software,” the Dapps of the platform was created with the launch of hundreds of decentralized applications hence marking a new era for applications.

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