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Crypto Racing League and OPEN Join Forces

Last Updated May 2, 2023 12:45 PM
Guest Writer
Last Updated May 2, 2023 12:45 PM

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Merging Blockchain Technology with Gaming

We are excited to announce the collaboration between OPEN and Crypto Racing League , a racing game that operates on the Ethereum platform.

As part of OPEN’s Developer Program , Crypto Racing League benefits from a streamlined approach to in-game transactions, providing the game with a secure platform for blockchain payments using OPEN Tokens to buy and sell virtual items.

“It is an honor to help the Crypto Racing League team develop an Ethereum-driven economy that provides secure, real-time transactions,” said Ken Sangha, the CEO of OPEN. “Not only does blockchain technology increase the security of in-game purchases, it also lets developers exercise more control over their revenue by cutting out expensive middleman fees.”


Crypto Racing League allows players to purchase and customize cars, which are then used to compete in tournaments and other special races. The more races the player wins, the more cars, collectibles, and rare automobile parts they receive.

The integration of blockchain technology ensures that players’ rewards are stored securely on the distributed ledger. It also provides a platform for users to buy, sell, and trade with each other over the game’s marketplace. Other exciting features of Crypto Racing League include:

  • Fully-customizable cars that can be optimized for aesthetics and performance.
  • A comprehensive virtual economy where players earn tokens, which they use to purchase loot crates filled with rare upgrades.
  • A complex virtual world with different tracks, varying weather conditions, and competitive leaderboards.

The integration with OPEN  means that OPEN Tokens aren’t only used to facilitate transactions inside the game, but they’re also airdropped from the developer pool to the Crypto Development League’s business wallet as a means to help finance the game’s launch.

“We chose OPEN as our payment system because of how easy it is to integrate into our game,” said Tian Han, the CEO of Crypto Racing League. “This, combined with the fact that OPEN provides technical support and assistance with implementing the blockchain payment system, meant that we were able to design a virtual economy that was bug-free, secure, and easy to use.”

Crypto Racing League is one of the first games to combine in-chain transactions with off-chain gameplay. This gives players the benefit of the same real-time feedback and participation seen in conventional computer games, along with a decentralized, blockchain-driven payment system that makes buying, selling, and trading safer and more convenient.

About Crypto Racing League: a decentralized racing game on the Ethereum blockchain. Each component of the game (trading, garage, and racing) builds on the other, creating a dynamic and rich gaming experience. Like many other blockchain collectible games, we equally facilitate gamers who solely wish to collect valuable digital assets as well as those who wish to experience full gameplay. More information available at www.cryptoracingleague.io 

About OPEN: The OPEN Platform bridges the gap between traditional application developers and the blockchain world. By providing standardized tools that interface the two architectures, developers can realize the benefits of cryptocurrencies without having to retool their applications from the ground up. More information available at www.openfuture.io