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‘Every Exchange Should Delist’: Crypto Influencer Trumpets May 1st Deadline For Ultimate Bitcoin SV Knockout

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM

Anthony Pompliano says: if all exchanges delist BSV, this could act as a ”sign of solidarity behind Bitcoin”. But why?

A sign of solidarity behind the only thing that matters

Anthony is famous for his active participation in the cryptocurrency industry as the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital – a crypto-focused asset management firm. This time, his Twitter draws much of the attention to a battle between Changpeng Zhao and Craig Wright. ”Pomp” argues that BSV must be delisted from the majority of the exchanges till the end of April.

If the exchanges will follow his call, this could significantly decrease the current trading activity within the BSV ecosystem. A picture of BSV trading stats (provided by @themazuma right in the comments under Pompliano’s tweet) shows that BSV has surprizingly large market share. Take a look for yourself:

Many of the cryptocurrency market players seem to cook stats, with some exchanges show unbelievably high trading volumes, according to the TIE research.

Bitcoin SV wants the attention and gets it

Craig, who claims to be ”the real Satoshi”, sent out legal threats to Twitter user @Hodlonaut to force him to see Nakamoto’s shining in Wright’s eyes. It is not the first time he threatens people over the Internet. When Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao had noticed the Hodlonaut drama, his reaction was furious: ”Any more of this sh!t, we delist!”.

Zhao has joined the army of potential targets for Wright’s lawyer team but gained support from the Bitcoin community.

Pompliano joins Twitter wars as a powerful opinion leader, not as an ordinary crypto observer. He goes far more than just the idea of delisting BSV from Binance. Anthony wants all the exchanges to do it on May 1, leaving Wright with the need to file as many lawsuits as he is physically able to.

Why do people think it’s only a matter of trading?

As we see from the debates on Twitter, many of the crypto holders consider BSV did some damage to BTC and other ”legit” cryptocurrencies by means of its inception. Bitcoin Cash had received similar accusations. But how those people measure damage? In terms of math, a coin cannot damage the other coin by appearing as a result of a hard-fork. In this case, price drops happen because of people’s opinions, and that’s it.

So, in this light, why did Pompliano attack Wright and insert a BTC mention? Looks like he wants Bitcoin to look even more significant than it is, in comparison with other coins.

A good tactic for a professional price pumper and market guru. But Twitter user @DigiByteBolivia is asking: why kicking out only one of the Bitcoin clones when you can kick out all of them?

Can it benefit Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV has emerged as a controversial coin that claims to provide even bigger blocks than Bitcoin Cash has.

Except for the block size increase, BSV could be called ”the Orthodox Church of Bitcoin”. BSV wants bigger blocks and returning to Bitcoin 0.1 as to the ”standard” that Satoshi introduced back in 2009. Considering that space has thousands or at least hundreds of talented financial cryptographists, creating fuzz around such a tricky coin can possibly make it more popular, thanks to the greedy trader’s habit to buy or sell coins unregarding to their key developer’s accomplishments in the privacy field.