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Crypto Data Feed Platform Santiment Plans ICO Token Sale with 45,000 ETH Cap

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM

Santiment, a crypto data feed platform for the blockchain and crypto industry, has announced a three-stage token sale beginning July 4, the first Cofound.it token sale. The token sale, The token sale, which will have a minimum threshold of 15,000 ETH and a maximum cap of 45,000 ETH, concludes on Aug. 6.

The Santiment data feeds platform shows the true state of the crypto-markets, providing content streams and a transparent database. It is the first project guided by Cofound.it, a distributed platform for startups planning crowdsales.

High Expectations

“Leveraging the expert guidance of the Cofound.it team and the company’s innovative Priority Pass mechanism, Sanitment is confident in hosting a substantial token sale that will help us deliver the market sentiment and blockchain activity platform that the crypto community has long demanded,” said Maksim Balashevich, Santiment founder.

“With the support of the community and Cofound.it, Santiment will be the financial market data and content platform of choice for cryptocurrency and blockchain space, analogous to the role that Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters serve in traditional financial markets,” Balashevich said. “Its long-term goal is to serve as the market data infrastructure for cryptocurrency and the blockchain economy.”

Jan Isakovic, CEO and co-founder of Cofound.it, said Santiment represents the first a select few startups to pass Cofound.it’s selection process.

By creating a transparent database of projects, Santiment provides investors a way to identify and avoid untrustworthy crowdsale projects. Combined with objective data feeds and expert-curated content, the solution provides subscribers advantages in trading, while mitigating the risk of their investments.

Besides giving users access to streams of information, SAN offers the sole means of accessing auctions for exclusive data feeds and content related to token sale and team analysis, market research, project due diligence and country-specific regulations.

Santiment will also provide non-exclusive services for subscriptions payable in fiat currency.

3 Target Customers

The three customer bases are wealth and hedge fund managers, traders new to crypto markets and data vending channels.

Wealth and hedge fund managers will gain access to a diverse set of useful data feeds for quantitative trading. Beginner crypto-traders can get easily-digestible insights into market trends.

Data vending channels — such exchanges like Bittrex, Kraken and eToro, as well as asset management platforms like Melonport and ICONOMI — will get immediate data solutions that give them a competitive advantage while trading.

3-Stage Token Sale

The token sale will be in three stages: the first 75% will be open for participation to the Santiment community. Tokens remaining from the community sale and the next 25% of all tokens will be open for Cofound.it Priority Pass holders. The remaining tokens will then be open to any interested party.

Santiment will notify Priority Pass members via email when the tokens become available to them. The remaining tokens will then become available during a public sale on July 6, 2017.

Funds raised in the token sale will be distributed as follows: 50% will go to the data feeds development, 15% to data feeds and service acquisitions, 15% for marketing and business development, 10% for operational expenses, 5% for legal expenses, and 5% will serve as a reserve fund.

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Santiment, in its alpha stage, has developed a working mobile app consisting of a historical price feed and charts, a trollbox sentiment feed, and a sentiment journaling game. This combination provides the foundation for a growing mobile terminal.

Santiment expects to have a functioning mobile and web terminal completed by early 2018, and thousands of data feeds by 2019.

“The Santiment team aims to build the market data infrastructure that powers the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain space,” Balashevich said.

As part of the Cofound.it program, Santiment benefits from an advisory team including “The Business Blockchain” author and Ethereum advisor William Mougayar; “Week in Ethereum’ author and Ethereum ecosystem expert Evan Van Ness; blockchain apps and incentive design expert Vincent Eli; Collider accelerator co-founder David Prais; ICONOMI co-founder Tim Zagar; Lan Filipic, senior manager at Deloitte; Nejc Novak, managing partner at  theNovak Rutar Law Firm; and Wachsman PR, the blockchain public relations agency.

Supporters can participate in the SAN token sale with ETH. SAN tokens are planned to be traded on major exchanges.

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