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Container Shipping Blockchain Platform Blockshipping to Start Token Distribution on May 14th

Last Updated April 19, 2023 4:03 AM
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Last Updated April 19, 2023 4:03 AM

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Man’s relationship with the sea is as old as history itself. From the biblical Noah’s Ark to the legendary Vikings’ ships, from the mythical Flying Dutchman to today’s behemoths, seas have always been an essential part of human existence. Today, modern maritime shipping is a multi billion dollar industry. A significant 60% of today’s seaborne trade consists of container shipping.

All Is Not As It Seems

With 27,000,000 shipping containers currently crossing water based routes, it is often thought that efficiency is the core of its workings. In reality, however, this is not the case. The current industry is plagued by a number of issues that make it very inefficient. There are factors such as overcapacity of containers, ever increasing environmental regulations, increased competition, low profit rates, multiple intermediaries and security threats.

Today, the industry is at a point where drastic changes are the need of the hour.

BlockShipping: The Solution

Blockshipping  is a decentralized solution to the current problems. The Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) creates the world’s first registry of shipping containers and integrates it into a single meeting place for all in the shipping industry. This allows all concerned parties to communicate and transact in a seamless, efficient manner.


With its adoption, the industry can save $5,700,000,000 per annum. Another advantage will be the increased reduction in carbon footprint, a major issue within the industry.

Not One, But Two Tokens

The GSCP relies on two tokens for functioning. The Container Platform Token (CPT) is an internal token that will be used for monetary transactions on the platform. Connected, but not influenced by the other Container Crypto Coin (CCC), it will have a stable value, ensuring that traditional cryptocurrency fluctuations do not affect trading.

The CCC will be primarily used for generating revenue and increasing the economical setup of the platform. The CCC will be available for backers and investors on its main generation event, starting 14th May, 2018. The CCC will be available for USD 0.62 = 1 CCC. A minimum of $100 will be needed by a backer, provided he or she completes and qualifies the KYC procedure.

The platform accepts BTC, ETH and fiat currency (bank transfers and debit/credit card).

Making Waves

Blockshipping  has been in the spotlight ever since its inception. Currently, the platform is being discussed in over 100 major media outlets. The platform has also gathered a loyal following in a short time. As of now, it has more than 9,500 Telegram group members and is followed by 7,600 and ever increasing Twitter accounts.

Blockshipping  even has its first client lined up. The positive ratings and interest from the shipping and crypto community alike has made the blockchain based organization shine clearly. Though unnamed, the client is informed to be a major global shipping carrier who is also going to join the platform on its customer advisory board.

For more information on the blockchain shipping platform, visit their websitehttps://www.blockshipping.io/