Cloud-Based Content/Distribution Provider Offers Bitcoin Wallet

May 11, 2015, a cloud-based content distribution platform operated by Singapore-based Meridian Pte. Ltd., has provided a bitcoin wallet to its users. Users can now buy vouchers for gift cards, mobile recharge or games (such as XBOX and Play Station) with bitcoins.

Ziddu provides free cloud storage, content distribution and micro payment services. It offers free cloud storage for documents, photos, videos, audios and more. The site serves more than 100 million unique users per and generates 5 billion impressions month across 225 countries.

How users can earn points

Users can earn points by downloading the Ziddu desktop app, playing Ziddu games and referring other users to Ziddu content. Users can buy vouchers from e-commerce websites using their Ziddu wallet. There is a nominal charge for every transaction. By uploading content to Ziddu, users earn money when other users download the content. When a referral earns a minimum of 2,000 points, the user who shared the content earns 500 points. When an account accumulates 2,000 points, the user can redeem these points in bitcoin for vouchers. Ziddu pays the first week of the month.

Users can also earn money by sharing Ziddu’s news link via email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs or forums. Meenavalli Venkat, founder and CEO, said by providing a bitcoin wallet, Ziddu can attract bitcoin users in addition to bloggers and the “work from home” communities.

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Global micro payments offer growth

“We are also introducing strong content distribution platform with global micro payment system for Ziddu users to have fun and earn simultaneously,” Venkat said in a statement posted on the website. “Apart from this, we all know many across the world distribute pamphlets and handouts as a part of business awareness. Now at Ziddu, we digitalized the process and make users distribute pamphlets online and earn. This is the first of its kind in the world. This e-pamphlet distribution system has caught the wider attention and contributed towards the swift success of Ziddu in short span.”

Lester Coleman

Lester Coleman is a media relations consultant for the payments and automated retailing industries.