Chimaera Presents the Future of Gaming with Decentralized Autonomous Universes

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Interactive gaming has evolved rapidly over the years. What was once a one or two player is now a global movement. The number of gamers stands at 2.5 billion worldwide with the market value estimated at over $109 billion with China accounting for about a quarter of the total revenue. Experts anticipate the global market to grow to $128.5 billion by 2020.

The gaming industry is no longer a preserve for children. The fun and mental agility associated with gaming is attracting older gamers. According to a report from the Entertainment Software Association, 72% of US gamers are aged 18 or older. In 2016, the video game market in the United States was valued at $17.68 billion USD. That same year U.S. consumers spent roughly double the amount on gaming hardware and accessories.

There is still an untapped market in the gaming industry, especially in online gaming. Other than a highly fragmented market, the leading challenge developers face is visibility. Furthermore, consumers and developers have a lot more options. Developers and companies alike are tasked with coming up with new ways to position themselves in the global competition. 

Revolutionary Gaming Platform

Any seasoned developer understands how costly development is. Chimaera is set to provide developers with tools to create and launch games at a lower cost.  Significant barriers are independently managing game complexity, infrastructure costs, and publishing and account administration. This often makes it impossible for independent developers to bring their concepts to the market.

The Chimaera platform is open source. Video games running on it are powered by CHI tokens on its blockchain. It will have an API so that games written in any language can connect to it, giving designers the opportunity to design games in their language of choice. The goal is to foster creativity and bring concepts to life without worrying about infrastructure.

Chimaera is a continuation of blockchain gaming from the creators of Huntercoin, who first introduced the concept in 2013. The team has a wide spectrum of industry experts, creating a powerhouse needed to build a full-fledged game development ecosystem.

Chimaera’s main purpose is to become the leading all-in-one gaming platform for both developers and gamers. Chimaera, with roots in Namecoin, the first altcoin, incorporates Game Channels to add-in near limitless scalability that can accommodate countless games and players. Chimaera is set to provide unprecedented flexibility and convenience for game developers.

The Chimaera blockchain ensures that all participants in a decentralized game reach consensus on the current game state. Further, games remain fair and decentralized without burdening the shared blockchain with unnecessary data. More so, it provides a platform for uninterrupted gameplay through “Decentralized Autonomous Universes” or “DAUs.”

Chimaera offers an off-chain technology that let gamers only process and store states for games they are participating in. This is unlike Ethereum in which every full node fully processes and stores the state for every contract.

The platform is compatible with popular game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine. The SDK and API make it easier for developers to create blockchain games that can utilize Chimaera's infrastructure across various genres. Chimaera is dedicated to creative autonomy, decentralized autonomous MMO games, turn-based games, real-time strategy games, casual, gambling, and more.

The Huntercoin experiment reaffirmed how a provably fair blockchain game could create real-world value. Fundamentally altering how we look at video games, gamers can earn from playing games. Chimaera acts a technological launching pad that gives players real item ownership and a sense of exclusivity within game worlds. Using the platform, gamers can trade in-game assets safely and securely.

All trading transactions are safe through Atomic Transactions. Atomic transactions facilitate transferring an asset and corresponding payment between two parties in a single, or atomic, transaction. Both parties must sign the transaction or it becomes invalidated after a pre-determined time-out period. This guarantees zero fraud when trading. 


The innovative veteran gaming developers have set up a crowd sale to finance the project and encourage community participation. Those interested in getting involved can take place in either the pre-sale or public sale set to take place soon. A private sale is ongoing, so people and organizations can purchase the ecosystem’s reserve currency (CHI) through the company’s official website. Token holders will receive one CHI per token they own.

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