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BodyPainter Forkgirl Followed Twitch Rules. Twitch Still Banned Her

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:34 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:34 PM
  • Twitch has once again wrongly banned someone who was following the rules.
  • Forkgirl claims she was banned despite never showing her chest before it’s covered up.
  • If this is all true, then Twitch are still determined to be the messiest platform available online.

Twitch is clearly determined to self-destruct at this point. They just can’t stop messing up their own rules. These days it’s hard to know who’s going to get hit next.

Now they’ve gone and banned a body painter, despite claiming that bodypainting streams are fine. It’s almost as if no one at Twitch has any idea what the hell they’re doing.

Forkgirl Twitch - Tweet
Forkgirl claims that she always remained covered, and it’s hard to imagine that she’s wrong about it. Blatant nudity would have been an immediate ban, not this long-drawn-out process. Now it’s impossible to even verify, as all of her past streams and clips are gone forever. | Source: Twitter

Forkgirl Didn’t Deserve to Be Banned From Twitch

For anyone unfamiliar with her work, forkgirl is a bodypaint streamer. Over her time online she has transformed herself into many famous characters. From DC Comics’ Starfire to anime character Yuno Gasai.

According to a tweet, forkgirl says she ensured the camera was above her chest until she was suitably covered. Since Twitch themselves said in their own community guideline stream that bodypainting is okay , there’s no good reason for them to ban her.

This doesn’t even cover the appeal that has been in place since June and still hasn’t been resolved. Twitch clearly doesn’t even respect its own content creators at this point. Big or small, anyone can get banned Unless they’re Alinity.

They Still Haven’t Got Their Act Together

It wasn’t that long ago I that was calling Twitch “the biggest mess of 2019”. This forkgirl situation shows that they’re intending to stay that way into 2020. Since YouTube seem pretty determined to become a better place to stream, maybe all of these banned streamers can go there?

Honestly, it would probably make streamers feel safer. Not only do Twitch’s actions make the company look bad, but they make streaming on their platform a stressful nightmare.

Streaming on Twitch is now more of a gamble than being a full-time YouTuber is. At least on YouTube you just get demonetized, here you have your entire platform pulled out from under you.

Eventually, someone might invent a platform where the content-creators are actually treated like human beings.