Blockchain University Launches With Course in Cryptocurrency

December 19, 2014 11:13 UTC

Blockchain University has launched with its Pure Blockchain course geared towards serious developer. Mostly what people think about when they hear the word Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency. But many others think of the underlying technology and what else it can do. The blockchain is a foundation on which so much can be done not just cryptocurrencies.

It is so robust that even Patrick Byrne of Overstock has Counterparty developers working on an alternative to the stock exchange based on the blockchain. The launch of an intensive course about the blockchain will help more people realize the potential of the technology, and more innovation will be done with it based on this new knowledge.

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Blockchain University

Blockchain University starts out with an intensive eight-week course that is done on Saturdays to accommodate the needs of most people. The courses will teach people the basics of Bitcoin and the blockchain right into working with the source code.

On Dec 17th they held a launch event at Consensus HQ to talk about what the course is for and what it can do. The keynote developer was Adam Ludwin, CEO of blockchain API provider Chain. His focus was on how blockchain and Bitcoin apps can be developed and used by companies for so much more than a currency. He then expanded on how the blockchain is secured by a large distributed mining network and how robust it is.

There was also a panel session with Blockchain University instructors. They were Tom Ding, CEO of Koinify; Ryan X Charles, cryptocurrency engineer at Reddit; Ryan Smith, CTO of Chain; and Atif Nazir, CEO of The panel was moderated by Tim Swanson.

Blockchain University starts in January and runs through March.
Here is what they have to say about the course timeline.

The course is planned to be held almost every Saturday over 8 weeks commencing the first week of January 2015 and ending in March 2015. The first course will be offered for FREE! Free, with a $100 deposit refunded on course completion. Each Saturday from 8AM – 12AM will be the formal classroom study, followed by an optional afternoon assisted study and for building student projects. The course will culminate with a projects demo day, open to the public.

Blockchain University Courses

It is exciting to see such a solid and concerted push made to help people learn to develop more based on the blockchain. New developments will lead to the Bitcoin protocol being used in new ways and lead innovation and growth in other areas. The Internet was a revolution for more than just a few web pages, and it has morphed into so much more with everything from streaming to social media being built upon and within it. Blockchain University is going to be a step towards Bitcoin and the blockchain being just as revolutionary on a large scale.

Registration starts in Q1 of 2015 and is free. Blockchain University is a must and for that price something you should not turn down.

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Images from Blockchain University.

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