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Blockchain Charity Fundraising Platform Cherr.io Launches Presale

Last Updated May 8, 2023 6:37 AM
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Last Updated May 8, 2023 6:37 AM

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Slovenia based Cherr.io.io  has announced the launch of their presale, which started May 15th and ends 9 days later on May 24th. The official crowdsale will start June 1st, and end 2 weeks later on June 15th.

Overwhelming support for Cherr.io

Dubbed “the most inspirational project from Slovenia”  by Prime Minister Miro Cerar, Cherr.io.io’s fundraising platform increases transparency within charitable organizations. This leads to renewed trust by the people in donating, ensuring them that donated proceeds will actually be used for good.

The project has also been met with positive feedback, receiving recognition through several events and awards. Some of these achievements include winning FutureHack, the first hackathon held in Davos during the World Economic Forum. Cherr.io also won “ICO Demo Day”, after an invitation to present their project to local investors from Business Angles of Slovenia.

Proof of Charity details

Cherr.io  also looks to gamify the whole donation experience, in what Cherr.io calls Proof of Charity.


Users automatically reach level 1 and 1000 points just by registering, From there, additional points are required to level up. Points are earned by doing anything positive for the platform or community. Anything from a Twitter mention (25 points) to donations to an active campaign (10,000 points) is awarded.

Levels determine your rights on the platform. Everything from voting on specific topics to the amount of CHR tokens a user can lock is all based on your level. Inactive users do not accumulate points and if inactive for too long, get demoted to the previous level.

Locking tokens are important as it allows users to participate in the reward distribution at the end of each successful campaign. The number of tokens you lock directly correlates to the amount you receive. Level 1 users can only lock 1000 tokens while Level 5 users can lock 5000,  a massive incentive for those to maintain their level.

Rewards are taken from successful campaigns, where 4% is distributed between locked token holders, the platform, and the activators of the campaign. Of the 4%, 1.5% is distributed to locked token users. If a user locks 1,000 out of the 10,000 tokens locked, they would receive .15% of the reward.

Partnership with Caritas Maribor

Cherr.io has already begun partnerships, starting with Caritas Maribor. Caritas Maribor is one of the largest and oldest charity organizations in Slovenia, making them Cherr.io.io’s first traditional charity partner.

Cherr.io.io is based on the Ethereum blockchain, making sure anyone can trace or audit transactions. The fundraising platform already has live charity campaigns, with Cherr.io recently helping two kids with cerebral palsy regain the ability to walk.

Later in 2018, Cherr.io.io hopes to begin participation at the United Nations regarding key events, and solutions for SDGs and UN SDG agenda.

To learn more about Cherr.io, visit their website . Visit their LinkedIn  to learn more about the team. Chat with the community on Telegram . Follow their social media accounts on Facebook  and Twitter . Cherr.io also has a subreddit  and Bitcointalk Thread . Any blog posts will be made on Medium .