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Blockchain-Based Masternode Hosting Platform GIN Platform Launches New Product Lines

Last Updated April 13, 2023 10:00 AM
Last Updated April 13, 2023 10:00 AM

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Online masternode solution platform, GIN , has announced the launch of two brand-new hosting plans designed to further make masternode deployment and management accessible to all. The plans, more accurately referred to as the Cloud Node and Dedicated Node, offer a cheaper and more affordable approach to masternode deployment and hosting.

Know Thy Nodes

As a growing consensus and protection mechanism for blockchains looking to secure their network without the exorbitant power and hardware costs of PoW protocols, masternodes have become indispensable. This incentivized, collateral-based, governance hubs on the network not only maintain the integrity of the blockchain, they also increase the privacy of transactions, facilitate instant transactions, and democratises exchanges through voting features.

Due to their importance on the network, operating a masternode requires a show of commitment – typically in the form of owning and locking up a certain amount of the blockchain’s currency in the operator’s wallet. Operators are also expected to leave their system on and connected to the Internet at all times in order to earn the network’s reward for their services. While operating a masternode remains the most lucrative source of passive income in crypto, the technical cost and always-on requirements has placed it out of the reach of many. GIN Platform  is reversing this trend.

Created to give everyone access to creating and deploying their own masternode no matter the technical skill level, GIN Platform  gives users the ability to create cold wallet masternode in the cloud without having to grapple with servers and terminals. The Web application is further simplifying access to masternode and drastically reducing cost through the launch of Cloud and Dedicated Node hosting plans starting October 26th, 2018.


Cloud Node

Cloud Node is a shared server, single IP masternode hosting feature for masternodes whose reward generation is lower than the price of hosting. Billed at $0.15 daily or $4.50 per month, masternodes hosted under this feature will be hosted alongside other masternodes to share the same hardware resources.

Dedicated Node

Masternodes hosted under this plan have their own dedicated resources on a dedicated server. This premium service is ideal for newly launched blockchains looking to re-enforce its network security without the hardware cost and individuals looking to benefit from some of the most rewarding masternode offerings out there. This service costs $0.42 daily or $12.6 per month ($0.42 per day). All prices exclude VAT.


Currently hosting almost 1.7% of all online masternodesGIN Platform ‘s subscription fees are paid in its native GIN currency. Starting November, discounts will be made available to users based on volume and commitment. Users can seamlessly swap between plans by either upgrading or downgrading through the relevant buttons on their dashboard. Upgrading or downgrading will always trigger a new setup process due to the fact that the masternode has to be recreated according to the plan’s features.

Visit the website: https://p.gincoin.io