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BLOCK 30 Labs Releases New BLOCK 30 Index

Last Updated April 10, 2023 10:47 AM
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Last Updated April 10, 2023 10:47 AM
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Will Serve as One of The First U.S. Multi-Factor Indexes for The Digital Trading Markets

San Diego, CA – BLOCK 30 Labs announced today the global release of its BLOCK 30 Index for the digital trading (“Crypto”) markets. The BLOCK 30 Index is one of the first US indexes to help investors track multiple factors, including Market Cap, Asset Price, Trading Volume, Sector Weighting, Market Sentiment, and an Index Committee.

“We studied the historical indexes of the past – many of which are still in use today – took that learning and applied some innovations for the digital trading markets” said BLOCK 30 Labs Founder, Brian McLaren Foote. “Digital trading is less than 10 years old and the early parallels to the Dow and the S+P 500 are eye-opening.”

The BLOCK 30 index will be issued alongside the thematic sector indexes and a comprehensive Digital Trading media ticker, including BLOCK 5, BLOCK 30, BLOCK 100, BLOCK 500, BLOCK 2000, BLOCK ASIA, BLOCK Finance, BLOCK Energy, BLOCK Transports, BLOCK Logistics, etc.

“With hundreds of blockchain projects planning to go public through STO’s (Security Token Offerings) in 2019, this kind of sophisticated index tracking will be critical for global markets, initiated sector coverage and investor protection,” said Ryan Ballantyne, Sr. VP of Reality Shares ETF’s and a project advisor.

“The original 12 Dow stocks were mostly Railroads and Cotton, none of which are even in the Dow 30 today. You need to build an index that can reflexively track the lifecycles of a new trading market and BLOCK 30 Labs is solving for that 10-20 years out. The market needs this kind of coverage beyond just bitcoin.”

“There has been so much confusion on how to accurately measure the broader performance of this new asset class,” said Jared Tate, Founder of Digibyte, a decentralized technology holding in the BLOCK 30 Index. “BLOCK 30 is a major step forward towards getting an accurate gauge on the overall health of the market.”

BLOCK 30 Labs US is headquartered in San Diego, CA and includes a network of global blockchain technologists, computer scientists, economists, financial engineers, researchers and global media alumni from Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, Wharton, Duke, Stanford, UCSB and UCLA – working to improve the quality of coverage for the digital trading markets.

The BLOCK 30 Index was developed in conjunction with the team at Scow Capital Research and with Creative Direction from Mark Grado Designs. Please view The BLOCK 30 Index – White Paper @ www.block30labs.com 

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