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BitMax.io Will be the World First Exchange to List CVN Tokens

Last Updated April 4, 2023 8:01 AM
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Last Updated April 4, 2023 8:01 AM
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As of 15: 36 p.m. EST on December 17, 2018, BitMax.io  (BTMX.com ) announced that Content Value Network (CVNT) will make crypto world premier and be exclusively listed on its digital asset trading platform. The partnership between BitMax.io and CVN is an important development for the blockchain and crypto communities. Given the wide user base enjoyed by CVN products such as YYeTs, CVNT, the native token of the CVN platform, has generated strong value support and solid application scenarios. CVNT’s primary listing with BitMax.io  further highlights BitMax.io’s remarkable performance of its trading platform as well as the strength of its team expertise.

Who is BitMax.io?

BitMax.io (BTMX.com) is a global operator of an innovative digital asset trading platform that provides a broad range of products and services to worldwide retail and institutional clients. Founded by a group of Wall Street veterans, BitMax.io relentlessly focuses on transparency, reliability, quality of execution, and client services. Last month, BitMax.io introduced the industry’s first-ever transaction mining and reverse mining mechanism, which has established itself as a clear leader in the crypto trading and exchange space.

The platform initially raised strategic investments from many of the industry’s top venture capital institutions including FBG Capital, BitMain and Matrix Partners China, etc. Since its initial launch in August, BitMax.io  has been steadily moving up the ranks in the competitive exchange space with its client-centric focus and continuing trading innovation. So far It has grown its user base to over 70,000 users.  Furthermore, within the first 24 hour post the launch of the industry FIRST transaction-mining and reverse mining on November 18th, EST., the trading volume on BitMax.io  had reached approximate 1.4 billion USD.

Who is CVN?

CVN , otherwise known as the Content Value Network of the Blockchain, is a blockchain-based content creation and sharing network. The platform was launched in June 2018 with the vision of enabling users to watch a wide range of content and interact with content creators, other users, and the wider CVN community. With support for a wide range of media types such as audio, video, and images, the platform will bring prime content such as American, Japanese, and Korean dramas as well as user-generated content to a global audience in a fast, secure, and reliable way.

The project does this by merging blockchain and distributed P2P services to create a highly autonomous community that can easily transfer, filter, and review online content with one another. This will help good content reach interested users, and it will also act as an integrated filtering mechanism to remove spam and unwanted content from reaching the public.


YYeTs, the popular Chinese file-sharing site, is a DApp under CVN. The CVN project team is also developing future DApps that will streamline and improve content sharing and consumption channels for creators and viewers alike, and it is slowly growing its user base with regular development updates and strategic partnerships, such as its partnership with BitMax.io.

There are many benefits to the CVN system. Firstly, the platform’s built-in feedback loop will help content creators measure the pulse of the market and more accurately assess which types of content do well versus which content types do not. This will help content creators allocate more time and resources to content that does well with target audiences. Better engagement with consumers also helps to promote quality content thanks to communities and social sharing tools built into the system’s functionalities. Furthermore, content creators can even build mini-communities of their own for more granular and targeted interaction with their fan base, thus allowing for the emergence of micro-communities or ‘fandoms’ dedicated to niche likes and interests.

The Partnership

Coupled with the popularity of CVN products is the established presence of BitMax.io. As the world’s leading 3rd-generation cryptocurrency exchange platform, BitMax.io not only has the lowest transaction fees in the industry at 0.04%, but also provides exceptional infrastructure support and trading experiences, with its 24/7 global operations, real-time trade settlement, and the fastest transaction rates in the industry at 400k TPS. By focusing on exchange liquidity and attracting trading volume, the platform maintains fairly tight market spread compared to the rest of crypto exchange space.  Moreover, as BitMax.io offers the option of reverse-mining for Maker trades, users not only get rebates by executing Maker trades but also “return” the equivalent market value of BTMX tokens (the platform native token) by the platform deducting them from the user’s account. Thus, BTMX token serves as an incentive for users to stay on the platform, as well as to continue mining and providing liquidity. The returned BTMX tokens will be locked up permanently, hence reducing the number of tokens in circulation.

The BitMax.io team has extensive expertise in the areas of traditional finance, capital markets, technology, high-performance quant trading, and token economics. The depth and breadth of those experiences are the key driver to the buildout of its high-performance platform as well as the transformational approach to crypto trading. The CVN token listing will be another high-profile alliance for BitMax.io. The partnership between BitMax.io and the content services expertise of CVN will be mutually beneficial and provide top-tier services to both their investors and community members.

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