Strives To Bring All Of Bitcoin’s Best Deals Together In One Place

Justin OConnell @justinofconnell
July 7, 2015, the idea of two high schoolers, strives to help people find online stores that offer discounts in bitcoins, already offering the largest selection of bitcoin deals on the Internet.  Raymond Mancini and Giovanni Armonies-Assalone, the company’s two co-founders, hope to bridge the gap between online stores that offers discounts when using Bitcoin and those who hold the currency.

We agreed that this was a good idea because not only would it be a domain that would connect consumers to bitcoin-friendly, online retailers, but it would also connect consumers to discounts, a big advantage when using bitcoin,” Raymond Mancini, co-founder of Bitdeals, told CCN.

The website allows Bitcoin accepting merchants, who offer discounts for purchases in the digital currency, to add their stores to The company also regularly contacts retailers asking them to consider accepting Bitcoin.

“Bitcoins are on the cusp of revolutionizing the way we use money. We hope to stay ahead of our competition and become an integral part of the bitcoin ecosystem,” Mancini told CCN. “In the future, we see Bitdeals as having the largest collection of bitcoin discounts online.

We believe that in two to five years, will be a go-to site for consumers to quickly find ways to purchase products with their bitcoins while saving money.

The company also hopes to sway many merchants to accept Bitcoin.

“When we contact retailers to engage them in conversation about accepting Bitcoin, we normally send an email to individuals in the company,” said Mancini. “We will try to show them the advantages of accepting Bitcoin and how Bitcoin benefits both the consumer and the business. If a phone number is available, we will call individuals in an attempt to also persuade them. We believe that since they are a business, accepting bitcoin would be very easy since it is not hard to integrate into a company’s payment system.”

The company plans a newsletter which will be released periodically as the company begins to receive more requests from merchants to be listed on their site.

Businesses can be listed on the website either by contacting the team through email ( or by filling out the form on their website’s contact page.

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