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Bitcoin Wedding: Marriage on the Blockchain

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM
Taylor Tyler
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM

Just last month CCN.com reported on the first-ever Bitcoin wedding ring, which exists in the form of a wearable QR code, and now, one couple plans to become the first to use the Bitcoin blockchain itself to register their marriage, where it will remain publicly visible for the life of the internet.

In what is being dubbed a “Blockchain Marriage,” the wedding is taking place on Oct. 5 at the Disney World Coins in the Kingdom Bitcoin Conference, and is being performed during the Bitnation panel. Bitnation is a virtual nation of sorts, offering governance services via the Bitcoin blockchain.

So who’s the lucky couple?

David Mondrus – serial entrepreneur, Bitnation  advisor, and CEO of RedboxJewels.com – and his wife who he met in the Philippines, Joyce Bayo.

“We believe that like the block chain, our love and marriage are forever and that our relationship is not defined by governments or the church,”

said Mondrus, who described himself to CCN.com as somewhat of a voluntarist.

“So enshrining our commitment to each other in the block chain in front of our friends is very dear to us.”

It turns out that after coming back from the Philippines with their freshly kindled love, for legal reasons, the couple was slightly rushed to get married the first time.

“Because we had to get married very quickly, it was a small wedding with not a lot of people, and her family wasn’t involved,”

Mondrus told CCN.com.

“And so when the opportunity came up to do our marriage again – and for me to do it better this time – as opposed to right, I jumped on it. And my saying is, I’ll marry her as many times as it takes.”

Mondrus continued,

“I talked to Joyce about it and she was excited because she got to trade in her old not very good ring for a nice bright and shiny one, so that wasn’t very hard to talk her into it.”

The couple will use a CoinOutlet Bitcoin ATM to initiate a .1 BTC burn transaction, and that transaction will contain their wedding vows, said Mondrus.

Bitnation: Governance 2.0

Bitnation , which is launching its crowd sale in 15 days, pins itself as a fully inclusive, borderless, decentralized, blockchain-based governance service provider.

Also referred to as governance 2.0, they “offer a full range of services traditionally done by governments,” such as secure ID system, blockchain-based dispute resolution, marriage and divorce, land registry, education, insurance, security, and diplomacy.

“The Bitnation platform is set-up to host an ID system based on reputation, a dispute resolution system, and places to store all your blockchain-based contracts, such as land deeds, wills, childcare contracts, marriage contracts, corporate incorporations, and more,” says their press release . “The ecosystem of secure identities, multiple contracts, and asset management makes it ideal for marriage – because it means a couple can tie their wedding contract to a shared savings account – a Bitcoin wallet – to a childcare contract, a land deed, or another relevant thing for a secure future together.”

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