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Bitcoin Traders Gathering Steam at xbt.social Discussing the Bitcoin Price

Last Updated May 8, 2023 4:46 AM
Joel Dalais
Last Updated May 8, 2023 4:46 AM

XBT Social , an exclusive bitcoin community, offers novice, intermediate and experienced bitcoin traders the opportunity to develop their analytical toolset and trading practice in a collaborative analysis and trading environment.

The Manifesto of xbt.social, detailed trading information, instructions on how to use the platform, recommendations, risk management and more, can be found on the start page.

For first time traders, it is highly recommended that you spend some quality time reading through the information provided here. You will not be doing yourself any favors if you skip valuable information.

Trading for some can be a full-time job, and for others a side hobby. Either way, you should make yourself as aware of the activity as you are able. This way you will be able to participate fully, learn and potentially earn some extra funds.

The xbt.social Layout


Here you can find regular updates from Venzen Khaosan, our resident analytical bitcoin expert. You will also find other members commenting with input and information about the markets. As well as being able to post your questions and comments for feedback from others.


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Bitcoin Analysis

You can catch up with past and present articles from a daily basis, or long term. Compare yourself to market trends and hone your trading skills with ever growing detailed linear analysis. The trade recommendation metrics are for the moderate to expert traders (or those that have read the information provided on the start page). Providing detailed analysis of past trade recommendations, successes and failures, the information here is drawn from the beginning of 2015.


In the groups section, you can provide information to fellow traders (and be rewarded in kind), discuss various exchanges, ask your questions directly to fellow traders and XBT or leave feedback regarding the platform. Perhaps additional features you might suggest, or simply the UI design

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Price & Chart

Live feeds are available from Bitfinex and Bitstamp. You can monitor your trades from these easy alternating windows. If you have multiple monitors (highly recommended for serious traders), then you might want to consider having XBT up on an alternate monitor while you conduct your trades at the exchange of your choice.


XBT Social currently boasts a total of 388 members, a third of which have been active within the last week, and more than half that amount on a daily basis. XBT welcomes new and expert traders. If you want a month’s membership to dip your toes in, or you after a long term commitment with a group of like-minded individuals, then this might very well be your place to be.

Venzen Khaosan had this to say about XBT;

Collaboration between members and experienced analysts seeks to identify trading opportunities with a high possibility of success. Once an opportunity is identified, a detailed Trade Recommendation is made and the Bitcoin trade is tracked to a conclusion. Instead of being a simple Trade Signal service, xbt.social discusses the mechanics and conditions of each trade, including the necessary steps for mitigating the risks associated with taking a specific trade.

Since January 2015 xbt.social has executed 12 winning trades that have seen a virtual trade account grow from 10 BTC to just over 1000 BTC. The website contains educational resources outlining both basic and advanced trading concepts such as margin trade, how to profit from a falling market and how to accurately size trading positions and manage risk in the market.

XBT Social membership costs $95 a month; you will have access to exclusive bitcoin analysis, news, and information. Whether you are after just a month’s membership or a continued renewable area to converse with like-minded traders. Use the coupon code “CCN29” and get a $29 discount for your first month.

XBT Social

Disclaimer: XBT Social is a partner of CryptoCoinsNews.