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December 25, 2013 6:17 PM

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Christmas Day is a day of celebration.  Family, friends, good food and NBA on the television!  How many of you remember Michael Jordan’s 1992 performance against the Knicks?  Sportige wrote a great article on the best Christmas Day individual performances.

Today’s big NBA matchup is Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Lakers.  Is Miami really 9 points better at the Staples Center?  Maybe on a normal night, but this is Christmas Day.  Either way, the best way to place a wager on the game is at BitBook.  A full service sportbook with many wager types and ฿50 limits.  You can even take a position on the Kt Roller Bullets  when the play CJ Entus Blaze in a LOL ChampS matchup!  Now that is some serious action.

Bitbook’s vig is extremely low even compared other Bitcoin sportsbooks.  The deposit and withdrawal on regular sites is a disaster.  Some real money sportsbooks even require the player to send a utility bill to verify identity.  It is a hassle for the player and the operator.  With Bitcoin sports betting, this nightmare is alleviated. Deposits and withdrawals are a breeze and this cost savings is reflected in the significantly reduced vig.

Comparison from the BitBook website:

The Best Odds and most complete features

BitBook is the best bitcoin sportsbook for a number of reasons – the speed and ease of deposits and withdrawals, the simple mobile experience, the superior security, and of course the odds we offer. Plain and simple, on average BitBook pays out much more to winners.

To demonstrate BitBook’s superior odds and features we’ve done a simple analysis, comparing BitBook to some of the other books.
(The below chart shows features and average payouts offered on Friday November 15th, 2013)

2 Factor
BitBook 97.6% 97.6% 98% 97.1%  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES
Nitrogen 97.6% 97.6% 98% 97.1% x x x x x
Casino Bitcoin 96% 96% 95.5% 95.5% x x x x x
Betcoin 95.5% 95.5% 95.5% 95.5% x x x x x
Bit365 95.5% 95.5% 96% 94.5% x x x x x
Cloudbet 97% 97% 94% 92.5% x  YES  YES x x
btcsportsbet 95.5% 95.5% 95.5% 95% x x x x x

For the sharps out there, the lines are very soft, especially the live betting.  For more information head over to BitcoinCasinoPro.  They do a great job explaining the benefits for all styles of players.  The bigger the bettor, the bigger the opportunity.  Head over to Bitbook and you can be wagering in minutes!

Although Bitbook does not presently offer casino style gaming, bitZino is the place to go for this style of play using Bitcoin.



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