Bitcoin Mining Company GAWMiners Sold More than $1 Million Worth of Hashlets in 24 Hours

September 9, 2014
Hashlet Solo Family

GAWMiners introduced Hashlet cloud mining just a few short weeks ago and quickly sold a huge number of them in a short time. GAWMiners quickly followed up with the Hashlet Solos, which are mining pool specific. GAWMiners went on to sell more than $1 million in Hashlet Solos in 24 hrs. Now, they are following it up again with the Hashlet Genesis SHA-256 miners.

Josh Garza, CEO of GAWMiners, was straight forward when I asked him about the Hashlet Genesis.

We launched Hashlet with a clear goal: Tip, the scale back in favor of individual miners by making economies of scale work with instead of against them. It’s been so successful in that end that Hashlet has become not just our most popular product ever, but fastest selling miner in the history of this industry.

Hashlet Genesis continues our push forward by bringing everything there is to love about Hashlets to SHA-256, where this industry first began.  Genesis is our newest addition to the Hashlet Family, and we couldn’t be more proud.


Hashlet Genesis

I went on to ask Josh some questions about the Hashlet Solo launch:

How important was it to be able to offer this in light of the very high demand for Hashlets when launched?

If you think this launch solved our problem of too much demand, you might have to rethink things : )  It was important to launch Hashlet Solo to bring bitcoin mining mainstream. They’re fun, powerful bitcoin pocket rockets that you can set-and-forget. They’re perfect for people curious about Bitcoin, but who don’t want to worry about its inner workings.

Do you expect Prime Hashlets to be a top seller or do you envision that the Solos will catch up a bit as people research them and see the potential?

So far it’s been pretty even between the two. It’s too early to tell.

Now that Hashlet Solos are out will you be adding more pools that are being supported by different Solos in the future?

We have very strict requirements for pools. We have to since we guarantee every pool’s uptime and have built-in protections for our customers in case a pool dissolves. So we’re careful adding new pools. But that being said, we’re constantly on the lookout to add new ones that pass our standards.

One of the important questions for Scrypt coins is if payouts and sales can be done in Litecoin, Doge and more. GAWMiners recently started accepting Litecoin and Dogecoin as forms of payment so naturally while I had the chance I asked about the next step.

Will ZenCloud be setup to payout in Litecoin or other scrypt coins sometime in the future?

This is actually top secret. Only time will tell : )

How were sales of the new Hashlet Solo types at launch and how demand has been?

Selling at least $1M overnight.

Some people have some confusion about Hashlets and Project Prime. Is Hashlet Project Prime? Are Prime Hashlets Project Prime?

No. Hashlets are an important and necessary part of project prime, but it’s only the first step. If Project Prime is a car, then think of Hashlet as a wheel. You have to have those before you can drive.


Also, ZenPoints are being renamed HashPoints and Christian Gogol, Marketing and Tech Guru of GAWMiners, gave a quick refresher for those wondering how they work.

They work sort of like interest. The more BTC you have in your ZenMiner account, the more HashPoints you earn. They work just like BTC that you can use on GAW/Zen products. Currently 1 HP = 0.000001 BTC. You can also earn HashPoints by contributing to HashTalk. Answering questions, creating popular threads, getting upvoted, etc.

GAWMiners Team

GAWMiners is moving fast and growing very deliberately. The Hashlet Genesis is their disruptive move into the SHA-256 Bitcoin mining world. Reducing fees over time is meant to make Hashlets a consistently profitable investment. Understandably, Some people have called for more transparency about the data centers and what hardware is being used and if it is actually there. Josh Garza of GAWMiners has invited me to tour one of their data centers and offices to verify the miners and setups behind it. I am almost healed enough to go within the next couple week and will bring you all exclusive pics and interviews from GAWMiner right here on CCN. Stay tuned as always; I have more mining news coming.

Disclosure: I have received miners for review in the past from GAWMiners. Images by GAWMiners.

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