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Birdchain, Blockchain App for Real-World Use

Last Updated May 18, 2023 2:02 AM
Dennis Mangoli
Last Updated May 18, 2023 2:02 AM

With technology on the rise, forward-thinking businesses have to reevaluate their strategies and come up with creative ways to reach existing and potential customers. Indeed, mobile users are increasing on a daily basis. SMS marketing might not be as new and not as hyped as some alternatives, but it still is a great and convenient tool for reaching your customers. SMS are instant, traceable, and cost-effective.

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Telecos Exploiting Businesses

The mark up on SMS is among the dubious ways in which telecos turn a quick profit. Businesses pay up to 10 cents per promotional or transactional SMS to clients.

The traditional telecom infrastructure does little to support the volume of business-to-person messaging we see today. This has companies resorting to Application-to-person (A2P) SMS. The process for delivering A2P SMS is however clunky and can be expensive to deploy.

Telecos don’t typically offer A2P SMS services directly to small businesses. Most liaise with middlemen. This alone adds on to the cost. This then limits both the number of businesses that afford SMS.


Currently, the alternative is to use internet-based applications. This is however not plausible as not all consumers have access to the internet, and more so data is expensive.

New Business Opportunity

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The A2P business is a multibillion-dollar industry. The estimated global A2P SMS market value in 2015 was US$56 billion. The value is expected to rise to US$84 billion by 2024. Birdchain is taking advantage of this.

Many companies would like to use SMS campaigns, but the price of A2P SMS is increasing while quality is decreasing.

According to eMarketer’s research – global usage of instant messaging apps is at 1.82 billion people. Most of them use more than one instant messaging app. It shows that people tend to be flexible with IM apps and that this platform is open to new players.

Telcoms often offer service plans with unlimited SMS for users. However, people have moved away from traditional SMS opting for convenient solutions such as instant messaging. So people end up paying for a service they don’t need nor use.

Imagine if there was a way you could earn from your unused texts and still enjoy the convenience of IM. No need to imagine! On launch, Birdchain will provide the opportunity to make money by selling unused messages to businesses. You earn money by doing nothing.

To earn, you only need to download the app and set the number of SMS you want to sell. The messages will sell in the background automatically and tokens credited to your inbuilt wallet. Businesses, on the other hand, will place bids for the SMS.

Birdchain uses blockchain technology, thus, this offer transparent pricing in the A2P market. Smart contracts will guarantee transparency of payments and ensure clients receive SMS from businesses.

The best part is that companies will not have to commit to a fixed amount of messages, like in conventional A2P platforms. Companies will be able to choose how much they want to spend on every campaign.

Notable Features

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Birdchain intends to be more than an SMS selling platform. SMS is only the first step, part of the reach of soft cap. When Birdchain raise more contributions, it will implement more cool features. For example, watch video ads for cryptocurrency, voice call gateway or even personal data marketplace.

They also plan to enforce a mandatory know-your-customer (KYC) policy to prevent identity theft, terrorist funding, money laundering, and fraud. Besides, KYC policy will allow them to manage the risks prudently.

In the future, all the ICO founders will have to table information about their funds and contributors to governments. It means that basically all ICOs that do not do KYC check will face obstacles from governmental institutions which will interrupt product development. And a poorly developed KYC will have the funds raised confiscated or returned to the contributors.

BIRD Token Sale/ICOa cup of coffee next to a cell phone

To support the development of the new app, the company is going to launch an ICO. Birdchain will issue 9,402,750,000 BIRD tokens, of which 43% will be on sale. BIRD token runs on Ethereum’s blockchain and conforms to the ERC20 Token Standard. This technology ensures transparency and eliminates the need for intermediaries.

The ICO will start on November 18 and end on December 31. The hard cap of Birdchain ICO is set at 86,000 Ether while the soft cap is 9,500 Ether. If hard cap is not reached, contributors will receive all unsold tokens proportionally to their contribution.

During the ICO, Birdchain tokens will be inaccessible until the end of the ICO. BIRDs listing in exchanges will take place 4 to 8 weeks after the ICO ends.

Within the Birdchain ecosystem, users will use BIRD to buy or sell transactional and promotional SMS. Businesses will be able to purchase BIRD in exchanges, and then place bids for SMS campaigns, setting the bid in BIRD token.


Birdchain is the ultimate game changer. Birdchain simultaneously solves two major problems, unused but paid SMS, and companies paying top dollar for A2P services. It creates a symbiotic relation where everyone wins. Companies will get SMS at significantly reduced prices and at faster and transparent way. People will earn for every single SMS sold. But it also promises to change a lot more than just the A2P SMS market.

The platform is bringing cryptocurrencies to the people. No mining, no monstrous power consumption. With a smartphone, you can easily earn tokens. This means wider adoption of cryptocurrencies, benefitting the entire crypto universe. Success of Birdchain is success for all.

Visit website to contribute:  https://www.birdchain.io