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BINEX.TRADE Announces Ambassador Program: Join the Forces and Lead the Way

Last Updated April 28, 2023 9:22 AM
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Last Updated April 28, 2023 9:22 AM
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Bitcoin Press Release: BINEX.TRADE has reached a new milestone, and  the exchange has unveiled its Brand Ambassador program  to reward users for their loyalty and commitment towards the platform. The Brand Ambassador program has a lot to offer for traders and investors on the platform.

3rd July, 2018. Singapore: BINEX.TRADE has also garnered tremendous response from its users and has been reaching new milestones in its journey.  The platform’s Brand Ambassador program is geared towards those who have a strong inclination towards the BINEX.TRADE ’s vision and the scope of cryptocurrencies, in general.

Participants would be chosen based on how well versed they are with cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and also their understanding of the finer nuances of the exchange.

BINEX Ambassador

Upon being selected as an Ambassador one would have to get engaged in simple social media tasks like engaging on forums or penning posts on prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Medium and Telegram among others; something that most of us love to do on a daily basis. Users will get rewarded in the form of BEX tokens and the amount of BEX tokens allocated shall depend upon the users Ambassador score.


Participants shall get rewarded on a proof-of-work basis with BEX tokens that would help garner a regular income for a lifetime.

BINEX.TRADE’s Ambassador program  shall help enhance the exchange’s community outreach. Furthermore, it will act as an extension of the exchange’s vision of building a strong new cryptocurrency community; Ambassadors will take the lead towards building authentic and long-lasting relationships with the cryptocurrency community worldwide.

BINEX.TRADE is expected to introduce several offers for registered users and coming aboard on t.me/binextrade on Telegram is the best way to keep users updated about various new exchange related developments. One can register and sign up on BINEX.TRADE after which they will get introduced to the BINEX.TRADE Ambassador dashboard. Apart from this, the exchange has announced a novel giveaway  that shall reward users that garner the most referrals within a specific period like a week and a month.


BINEX.TRADE provides space for immediate buying and selling of cryptocurrency  once spotted to be favourable for the user to either sell or buy. This is one of the simple order types and has no control over the price received. In other conditions of less immediacy, the user can use limit order type. This will allow the trade user to have control over the price at which the trade takes place, thereby giving the user an edge to sell or buy the cryptocurrency at no less than a specific price.

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